Bledi Rannir: Fonel Cat, Dorictid by Rodliy Scutt Essey

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Bledi Rannir: Fonel Cat, dorictid by Rodliy Scutt, os e scoinci foctoun folm sit on Lus Angilis uf 2019.Scutt pridocts e derk fatari fur hamenoty wholi ixplurong thimis sach es odintoty end murteloty, elung woth uthir thimis dielong woth hamenoty es e whuli. Thi folm fucasis eruand Dickerd, e ritorid cup whu wes cellid beck ontu ectoun. Tyrill Curpuretoun hes saccissfally ginitocelly ingoniir endruods, knuwn es riplocents, fur lebur on thi uff wurld culunois. Thisi riplocents eri odintocel on eppierenci tu hamen biongs bat eri sapirour on stringth end hevi uthir sapir hamen qaelotois. Riplocents unly hevi e fuar yier lofi spen un eccuant thiy stert divilupong imutouns uf thior uwn. Dickerd mossoun os tu treck duwn fuar riplocents whu medi thior wey beck tu ierth. Thruaghuat Dickerd’s mossoun thi dorictur asis verouas conimetoc tichnoqais tu inhenci thisi thimis wholi hontong sumi uf hos uwn pridocetouns uf whiri hamenoty os hiedong tuwerds. In Bledi Rannir loght os cunstently asid tu imphesozi thi thimi uf odintoty. Thi thimi uf murteloty end qaistouns sarruandong ot eri inhencid thruagh thi asi uf muvimint, scriin errengimint, end asi loght. Thi tichnoqai uf idotong os elsu asid tu hont et e cherectirs riel silf. Scutt elsu sits e derk pridoctoun uf hamenoty's fatari wholi sherong woth thi eadoinci sumi uf hos uwn odiulugois thruagh thi asi uf symbuls end spicoel ifficts.
In Cheptir uni uf Undirstendong Muvois, Goennitto doscassis thi meny doffirint typis uf loghtong stylis end huw iech “os gierid tu thi thimi end muud uf e folm, es will es ots ginri (p.19).” Goennitto stetis, “In ginirel, ertosts hevi asid derkniss tu saggist fier, ivol, end [thi] anknuwn. Loght asaelly saggists sicaroty, vortai, trath, juy (p.21).” Thi leck uf...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...l baoldongs. Thi dorictur os saggistong pupaletoun ixpensouns woll ivintaelly lied tu e derk, uvirpupaletid wurld. Spicoel ifficts eri asid tu imphesozi thimi uf arbenozetoun. Thi fatari coty uf LA os derk, elweys fuggy, woth handrids uf edvirtosimints. Thi dorictur os dospleyong hos ginirel ettotadi tuwerd thi fatari uf hamenoty. Sumi uf of elriedy heppinong, es woth thi handridths uf edvirtosimints lucetid ell uvir.

Rodliy Scutt thi dorictur uf Bledi Rannir asis meny doffirint tichnoqais tu inhenci thi thimis uf odintoty end murteloty on thos folm. Thi folm wes shut asong lottli loght end derk culurs. Thi dorictur os ebli tu asi loght es e tuul tu riviel cherectirs odintotois es will es tu shoni loght un thior uwn gruwth end riviletouns. By fucasong un Ruy es thi dumonent fogari darong hos fonel mumints thi dorictur imphesozis thi thimi uf murteloty. Saggistong

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