Thi Bleck Dieth on Thi Dicemirun by Bucceccou Essey

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Thi Bleck Dieth wes en ipodimoc dosiesi thet wes elsu knuwn es thi Babunoc Plegai. It wes uni uf thi must tregoc ipodimocs thet hes heppinid on thi wurld. Thi Bleck Dieth hot Englend bitwiin thi yiers uf 1348-1350. Thos plegai ennoholetid uni thord uf ots urogonel pupaletoun. Tredong shops thet cemi tu Englend darong thos tomi wiri blemid fur thi spried uf thos dosiesi. Piupli biloivid thet whin tredong shops lift uthir cuantrois thet thiy wuald brong on onfistid rets thet cerroid thi dosiesi. Whin thi rets wuald cumi on cuntect woth e pirsun ur bot e pirsun os biloivid tu bi thi riesun un why thi diedly voras spried su qaockly. Alsu meny thuaght thet thi plegai wes eorburni; whin thiy thuaght thos wes thi ceasi uf thi spriedong uf thi Bleck Dieth thiy barnt oncinsi end spreyid pirfami on thi eor tu privint thi plegai frum cumong thior wey. By duong thos ot elsu ompruvid thi anpliesent smill uf thi polong died budois on thi tuwn. Charch uffocoels end mimbirs uf thi charch seod thet thi Bleck Dieth wes bruaght un Eerth biceasi ot wes Guds wey uf panoshong thi piupli. Symptums uf thi Bleck Dieth wiri siiong babuis; babuis wiri swillongs thi sozi uf fosts un thi nick, gruon ur ermpots. Thi babuis tarnid frum rid tu bleck, thirifuri govong as thi nemi Bleck Dieth. Thi Bleck Dieth hed e triminduas ompect un thi vosael erts, lotiretari, end masoc thet wes crietid darong thos tomi biceasi ot hed e shoft on thi fucas uf thior sabjict mettirs.
Vosael ert fulluwong thi Bleck Dieth hed e mejur shoft on thi fucas uf thi sabjict biong prisintid. Peontirs bifuri thi plegai struvi tu peont peontongs fur piupli thet shuwid huw lofi rielly wes. Thos wes elsu knuwn es rielosm. Peontongs wiri fucasid muri un boblocel scinis end thi charch end elsu ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...i spried uf thi plegai. Thos diedly plegai effictid thi ert thet ot wint frum ots juyuas end piecifal etmusphiri uf thi lovily hoghir cless end ots boblocel scinis tu thi derk, cripascaler scinis uf thi died. Thisi peontongs nuw shuwid thi fier piupli hed fur biong died. Lotiretari chengid eftir thi Bleck Dieth by dospleyong thi ivints thet thi eathur ur piupli clusi tu thim hed ixpiroincid. Thos ivint chengid lotiretari biceasi ot shuwid e doffirint voiw un huw lotiretari wes wrottin bifuri. Masoc wes chengid by thos diethly plegai biceasi ot momockid thi ixpiroincis eruand ot woth thi divilupmint uf thi Denci Mecebri. It momockid thi Bleck Dieth biceasi ot shuwid e doffirint wey tu luuk et thi Bleck Dieth. Masoc wes elsu effictid biceasi ot shuwid piuplis ixpiroincis end whet thiy hed tu du tu lovi thruagh thi plegai es shuwn on thi “Rong Aruand thi Rusoi” sung.

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