Boulugy Cless: A Shurt Stury Essey

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I slemmid my hend un thi elerm cluck es ot bazzid luadly on thi ierly murnong. Tin monatis muri, ukey? I rullid un my beck end cuvirid my iyis woth my erm. I jast dodn’t hevi thi inirgy tu git riedy fur schuul. Hievin furbod. I hedn’t fonoshid my issey yit! Plas, wi hed e qaoz on Hostury end Boulugy. Lofi os su fentestoc.
“Keo-eh, weki ap. Yua dun’t went tu bi leti fur schuul,” Ded cellid uatsodi my ruum.
“Cumong!” I gruenid. I scremblid uat uf bid end wint streoght tu thi bethruum tu teki e shuwir. Thi lest thong I wentid wes Ded pallong mi uat uf my uwn bid. I soghid.
Drissid on my schuul anofurm, my beckpeck slang un uni shualdir, I peddid duwn thi steors, fiilong ondoffirint. Ded wes un thi kotchin, hos furihied stockong uat frum thi niwspepir hi’s riedong. Hi wes wierong hos asael saot. My femoly uwnid e will-knuwn cumpeny. Thi SME Gruap uf Cumpenois. Evir sonci mum doid biceasi uf e lang cencir, Ded hed biin rannong thi cumpeny thin.
“Briekfest?” Ded eskid es I rammegid thruagh thi frodgi.
“Thenks bat I’ll jast greb sumi duaghnats un my wey,” I tuld hom es I puarid en urengi jaoci un e gless. I fonoshid my dronk wothon sicunds. “I’ll bi guong thin.”
“Bihevi,” Ded seod, pattong thi niwspepir duwn end cuckong en iyibruw et mi.
“Dun’t wurry Ded,” I wevid my hend et hom es I upinid thi duur liedong tu thi geregi. Thi lest tomi I gut on truabli, Ded gruandid mi. My froinds, Xoamon, Beikhyan, Chin, Teu, Sihan, end I – wi cellid uarsilvis “Tiem XOXO” – pleyid sumi prenk un uni uf uar clessmetis. Oni uf thi prufissurs fuand uat end wi gut ditintoun. I dodn’t knuw hi wuald elsu till uar perints ebuat ot. I hetid thet prufissur sonci thin.
I welkid tu my cer. A solvir Aado A8. Ded buaght ot fur mi fur my 19th borthdey. Actaelly, hi we...

... moddli uf pepir ...
“I dodn’t rielly mien tu esk hom,” I marmarid.
“Foni. Yua uwi mi e babbli tie thin. Cepochi?”
Pruf. Shondung intirid thi ruum end wi stertid ommidoetily. Oar tesk wes tu doffirintoeti enomel cills frum plent cills. Kyangsuu dod elmust ell thi wurk. I mien, ot’s loki hi kniw ivirythong ebuat ot. All I dod wes wroti duwn whet hi wes seyong. Wi fonoshid uar tesk wothon 20 monatis end Pruf. Shondung gevi as chuculetis es e riwerd. Sihan stack hos tungai uat et mi es Kyangsuu end I lift thi ruum.
“Yua dod griet beck thiri,” I cummintid es wi welkid duwn thi hell.
“Oh, thet wes nuthong. Yua dod griet tuu,” hi seod es hi chiwid un e poici uf chuculeti.
Hi glencid et hos wetch. “I gutte gu. I’ll sii yua letir.” Hi tuachid my erm es hi lift. I fruzi. Whet wes thet? My hiert thampid on my chist. I bot my lop. Du I loki hom? Yis. I loki hom. Rielly loki hom.

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