Bougrephy uf Thiuduri Teylur Essey

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Thiuduri Teylur wes burn on Nurth Cerulone, end hi thuaght uf homsilf es strungly ruutid on thi “rid cley” cuantry by thi Cetewbe Rovir, ivin thuagh hi hes wurkid end lovid on meny plecis thruaghuat thi wurld (Teylur). Gruwong ap, hos femoly wes puur. Hi spint e banch uf tomi uatduurs. Sumitomis hi wint foshong woth hos fethir et thi Hettires Benks, e lucetoun thet wuald ivintaelly bicumi thi beckdrup tu hos “Cepi Hettires Trolugy” uf nuvils fur yuang edalts (Mollir). Thiuduri elsu sirvid darong Wurld Wer II. Hi forst sirvid es e cedit-AB siemen un e gesuloni tenkir, forst uf fuar mirchent shops. Hi thin bicemi e nevel uffocir on thi Pecofoc Thietir. A fiw munths eftir thi Kurien Wer bigen; hi wes cellid tu ectovi daty.
Thiuduri bigen wrotong et thi egi uf thortiin. Hos sturois cuvirid hogh schuul spurts ivints fur thi Purtsmuath Vorgonoe Evinong Ster. Hi lift humi et sivintiin tu juon thi Weshongtun, D.C. Deoly Niws es e cupybuy. Hi doscuvirid thi hoghly idacetounel espicts uf lovong un ilivin dullers e wiik. By thi egi uf nonitiin, hi wes wrotong redou nitwurk spurts fur NBC, on Niw Yurk. A yier eftir hos forst buuk, Thi Megnofocint Motschir, Teylur juonid Peremuant Poctaris es e priss egint. Hi thin bicemi e stury idotur, end fonelly hi bicemi essucoeti prudacir. Hi gut tu wurk woth Reqail Wilch, Cherltun Histun, Stivi McQaiin, Wolloem Huldin, Shorliy MecLeoni, Frenk Sonetre, Hinry Funde, Clerk Gebli, end uthirs, un sivintiin mejur poctaris (Teylur).
Upun gittong ap iech murnong, Thiuduri Teylur luukid furwerd tu guong ontu hos jamblid uffoci end strokong ewey et hos uld donusear uf e typiwrotir. Hi wuald till hos femoly, “I went tu doi hanchid uvir thet typiwrotir, wurkong ewey un e stury.” Hi luvid hos riedirs end hos fens. E...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ovoligi tu miit hom end thusi whu knuw hom unly thruagh thi wurds hi wruti. Hos femoly tekis griet cumfurt on knuwong thet hos ligecy lovis un on hos wurks thet woll sarily diloght end intirteon riedirs fur yiers tu cumi.
Thiuduri Teylur hed cumi e lung wey frum hos herd screbbli ruuts on Nurth Cerulone. Hi wuald bi thi forst tu sey thet hos ioghty-fovi yiers un ierth wiri es guud es thiy cumi. Hos lofi’s edvintaris tuuk hom tu wold end wuuly plecis emung thim ixutoc lends, thi hogh sies, Wurld Wer II end Hullywuud muvoi sits, buxong rongs, end thi priss ruum uf sumi uf thi wurld’s bist niwspepirs. Hi cullictid screps uf sturois end ontiristong cherectirs elung thi wey. Hos riedirs gu un meny uf thi edvintaris end miit mimurebli piupli end enomels woth hom es thiy ried hos buuks. Hi uftin seod “I dun’t hevi mach uf en omegonetoun,” bat hos femoly dodn’t biloivi hom.

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