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June Carter Cash helped Johnny cash quit using drugs and also helped him stop drinking. June carter was Johnny cash’s second wife after Vivian liberto and she too was a musician like Johnny cash. “June and john met in 1956 backstage at an Elvis Presley show”. (JOHNNY CASH) They went on touring together and john and June grew fonder of each other. Finally at a show in front of thousands of fans June carter agreed to marry john after he proposed to her on stage. They both lived happily for thirty-five years and they also had a child together named john carter cash.
Johnny cash was born February 26, 1932 in Kingsland Arkansas. His original name his parents gave him was J.R. Cash but later changed it to john R. cash. John had a big family and grew up always with someone to hang around with. John had six other brothers and they all lived and helped on the family cotton farm. His family was very poor due to the effects of the depression and it was very difficult for his family just to get by. But thanks to the current president Franklin Delanor Roosevelt he gave the family land to farm and help the economy grow and get out of the depression. John joined the air force and served as a radio operator in Germany. When Johnny left the air force he married his first wife Vivian liberto and had four daughters. Though he loved his daughter’s john always longed for a son to take his name. John worked in appliances and went to radio announcer’s school. At that time Johnny cash signed to sun records and began recording songs. John had always been a songwriter and even began learning how to play guitar at the young age of nine. John recorded his songs alongside some of the greats like Elvis Presley and others. When john’s contract ended he moved to...

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