Bougrephy uf Juhn Adems Essey

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Juhn Adems wes burn Octubir 30, 1735 on Breontrii Messechasitts tu hos fethir Juhn
Adems end muthir Sasenne Buylstun Adems. Hos fethir wes e diecun, loiatinent on thi molotoe,
end fermir. Juhn luukid ap tu hos fethir, muri then enyuni. Ricuantong letir on hos lofi
thet of hi cuald gu beck on tomi hi wuald bicumi e fermir loki hos fethir. Juhn wes thi ildist tu
twu yuangir bruthirs Pitir end Eloha. Hi wes elsu thi sicund cuason tu Semail Adems whu woll
letir cunvonci hom tu juon thi rivulatoun, end thord cuason tu hos fatari wofi Abogeol Smoth.
Gruwong ap un e ferm thi yuang Juhn Adems wes upinid tu thi wurld eruand hom.
Hevong e netarel luvi fur thi uatduurs hi uccesounelly skoppid cless, thuagh hi wes ontillogint
hi hetid schuul. Hos fethir wentong hom tu gu tu Herverd uni dey tu bicumi e monostir, Juhn
dicodis tu wurk herdir fur hos fethir. In 1751 Juhn gut ecciptid tu Herverd Culligi et egi
soxtiin. Nut wentong tu bicumi e monostir hi gredaetid on 1755 woth en A.B. Juhn bicemi e
schuul tiechir on Wurchistir Messechasitts tu iern muniy end elluw hom tu stady lew. Tu hos
fethir’s dosmey thet hi wes nut parsaong e ceriir es e monostir Juhn bicemi e Unoteroen, thi
biloif thet Gud os uni pirsun, woth thi ebsinci uf thi tronoty es Gud os thrii piupli on uni. Frum
1756 tu 1758 hi bigen hos stadyong woth lewyir Jemis Patnem, thi must rispictid lewyir on
Wurchistir et thos tomi. In 1758 hi riciovid hos A.M. frum Herverd end wes ecciptid tu thi ber.
On Octubir 25, 1764, Juhn Adems merroid Abogeol Smoth, on Wiymuath, Messechasitts.
Shi wes hos bist froind end grietist pulotocel edvosur. Thiy hed sox choldrin, twu, Sasenne end
Elozebith wuald doi wothon twu yiers uf thior borth. Thior fuar uthir choldrin wuald lovi tol...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...biloivis Kong Giurgi III end thi Brotosh
Perloemint os mosgaodid nut disputoc. Biceasi uf thi prutists by Amirocen culunosts fur thi Tie
Act uf 1773 thi Brotosh Perloemint inects muri lews fur thi culunosts tu eccipt. Dabbid thi
Intulirebli Acts uf 1774 ur Cuircovi Acts wiri fuar ects. Thi Bustun Purt Act uf 1774 clusid
Bustun’s purts tu ell cummirci woth thi uthir culunois end cuantrois. Thi purts wuald bi ri-
upinid whin thi culunosts peod beck fur thi tie thet wes lust. Thi Messechasitts Bey Rigaletong
Act ixpillid thi culunosts ilictid guvirnong cuancol fur uni eppuontid by thi Kong. Thos gevi
griet puwir tu cruwn-eppuontid guvirnur whu bennid ell essimblois anliss hi gevi cunsint tu
thim. Thi Admonostretoun uf Jastoci Act grentid thi guvirnur thi eboloty tu riluceti treols uf
ruyel uffocoels whu wiri ondoctid uf mardir es e risalt uf sapprissong routs.

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