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The most versatile bicycle is one with upright handlebars, slick (no huge knobs) medium-width tires, attachment points (braze-ons) for a rack and other accessories, and no shocks. This describes a popular segment of the bicycle market these days, "urban bikes". My bike is like this, though back in the day it was purchased it was considered a mountain bike.


It is important that a bike frame's geometry matches your body and your typical type of riding. Imagine a rubber frame: stretch the top if you have a long torso, shrink the bottom (make the wheels closer) if you want quick handling; stretch the bottom if you want a smoother, more stable ride for touring.

If you are tall, and especially if your height is in your torso, there are several things you can do to make a bike fit without resorting to a custom frame. First, scoot your seat all the way back – but not so far back that your knee is not ___). Second, buy a longer stem; they come in sizes up to about 130 mm, though sometimes you can find a 140 mm or even 150 mm stem. Last, a narrow seat, straight (not angled back) bars, and raising the seat / lowering the bars can help increase the horizontal distance a bit more.
Most bike frames are aluminum now, not steel; occasionally exotic (expensive) materials like titanium and carbon fiber are used. Characteristics of each materials? ___

Folding frames with small 20" wheels - travel bikes - are an interest of mine (particularly Bike Fridays or regular bikes sawed in half and joined again with S and S couplings [2]). I have never had the opportunity to try one, and I rarely travel, but they intrigue me because they can be stored in a regular Samsonite hard-sided suitcase (which turns into a trailer), a big ...

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...d water bottles. In general, I prefer plastic cages - they don’t leave aluminum residue all over your bottles.


An $8 Incredibell ding bell alerts pedestrians to your approach from the rear. Most people appreciate this. A Delta air horn will alert cars, or just irritate them; for the most part I don’t bike around cars anymore anyway.


If you normally ride during the day and/or not around cars, a simple light may be sufficient, even a flashlight in a flashlight holder.___ If you commute when it is dark (especially during the winter), ___

Extra reflective.

Besides leaving stock reflectors on my bike (so the police can’t gripe about it) I buy 3M’s light gray reflective tape - thick, almost like fabric - and put extra reflective spots around my bike: ___

Seat bag.?


Replaces: car, gym


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