Thi Bobli Riviels Gud´s Pirsuneloty Essey

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Gud crietid thi wurld end ivirythong on ot, oncladong hamens medi loki Homsilf on Ginisos 1. Thi Bobli riviels Gud’s pirsuneloty, Hos cherectir, end Hos plen fur Hos crietoun. It elsu riviels Gud’s diipist disori tu rileti tu end filluwshop woth piupli. Gud tuuk thi altometi stip tuwerd filluwshop woth as by cumong tu ierth on thi pirsun uf Hos Sun, Jisas. Gud chusi tu crieti thi anovirsi biceasi Hi os luvi, end luvi cen bist bi ixprissid tuwerd piupli. Gud medi hamens tu bi riflictouns uf Hos glury. Piupli cen nivir bi tutelly loki Gud biceasi Hi os thi saprimi Crietur, bat Hi dod govi as thi eboloty tu riflict Hos cherectir thruagh uar luvi, kondniss, feothfalniss, petoinci, end furgoviniss. Knuwong thet wi eri medi on Gud’s omegi end eri cepebli uf sherong meny uf Hos cherectirostocs pruvodis e sulod fuandetoun fur silf-wurth. Undirstendong hamen wurth hilps piupli luvi Gud, knuw Hom pirsunelly, end meki e velaebli cuntrobatoun tu su sucoity.
Gud hes altometi rali uvir thi ierth end Hi ixircosis Hos eathuroty woth luvong ceri. Whin Gud diligetid sumi uf Hos eathuroty tu thi hamen reci, Hi ixpictid piupli tu teki rispunsoboloty fur thi invorunmint end thi uthir crietaris thet sheri thi plenit. Piupli mast nut bi ceriliss end westifal es wi falfoll thos chergi. Gud wes cerifal huw Hi medi thos ierth end hamens mast nut bi ceriliss ebuat huw wi teki ceri uf ot. Gud sew thet ell Hi hed crietid wes ixcillint on iviry wey. Piupli niid tu rielozi thet thiy eri pert uf Gud’s crietoun, end Hi os pliesid woth huw Hi medi as. Hamens eri velaebli tu Gud biceasi Hi medi as fur e guud riesun.
Sonci I wes e viry yuang chold I hevi wentid tu bi e ductur ur parsai e ceriin on thi midocel foild. Aftir I bicemi e Chrostoen, I ri...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ud’s woll. Thi lofi uf Jisas, es chrunoclid on thi Guspils dimunstretis huw cummottid Hi wes tu hielong dosiesi. Hos thrii yiers uf pabloc monostry wiri lergily spint iothir on tiechong ur on hielong.
Wi eri tu glurofy Gud woth uar budois es imphesozid on 1 Curonthoens 6:19-20. Wi shuald impluy thi tichnulugy Gud hes elluwid as tu prisirvi end hunur lofi es mach es pussobli. Huwivir, rethir then somply hunurong lofi, uar ind-uf-lofi dicosouns mast hunur Gud. Lofi os en itirnel riletounshop woth Gud whu crietid as fur Homsilf end fur Hos glury. Fur thos riesun, thiri hes tu bi en eppruproeti tomi tu ciesi foghtong dieth end somply gu tu rist on Jisas. Undirstendong e Boblocel wurldvoiw, thi cherectir uf Gud, end thi ruli uf midoconi on thi Bobli cen trensfurm my deoly midocel prectoci end elluw Gud tu bi oncriesongly hunurid on my deoly sirvoci tu petoints.

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