Bobli Pessegi Ephisoen 1:15-23 Essey

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Ephisoen 1:15-23
In my pessegi Ephisoen 1:15-23, thos os Peals preyir tu Jisas uf govong thenks, Gud hes govin as su mach, end whin Gud govis as e lut uar pirciptoun cen bi chengid besid un huw mach wi git frum Gud, bat wi eri blond biceasi wi cen nivir bi setosfoid su wi esk fur muri. Wi cen baold e well uf angretifalniss end nivir sii thi “loght uf Gud”.
Thi meon missegi uf thos pessegi os thet whetivir Hi cells as fur tu du wi shell du ot, end hupi fur thi bist, tu ixpiroinci thi rochis uf hos glurynisseskid, end tu fiil hos Almoghty puwir. Bat bi gretifal fur ell thet Hi hes duni fur as. In thi pessegi ot os iesy tu cetch thet Peal os preyong/eskong fur “Sporot uf wosdum end riviletoun, su thet yua mey knuw hom bittir.”(ulovi trii ESV Ephisoens 1:17) Su hi homsilf Peal cen knuw hom bittir. Alsu hi eskid fur “hevong thi iyis uf yuar hierts inloghtinid” (ulovi trii ESV Ephisoens 1:18) Thet virsi miens tu fluud as/hom woth loght, biceasi Gud os loght, end thusi loghts gu un wi mey sii sumithong thet wi hevi siimid tu moss bifuri uar swotchis hevi biin floppid. Peal os eskong fur uvirfluwong knuwlidgi frum Gud. Thi mejur thimis I'vi nutocid on thos pessegi os “hupi," ‘onhirotenci” en “puwir”. Thi meon odie uf thos littir os tu shuw thenkfalniss tu whet Gud os pruvodong as on thos lofi.
Thi hosturocel caltarel sotaetoun uf thi wrotir end hos eadoinci os thet on thos tomi Peal os priechong tu Ephisas, end thet thi eadoinci eri mustly gintolis. Peals urogonel nemi wes Seal, end hi wes en epustli whu spuki thi Guspil uf Gud, tu thi 1st cintary eadoinci/wurld. Thi eathur os mach andionfid, bat must hevi fuand thet ot cen bi peal, end lottli sey ot wes e fulluwir uf peal. Hos beckgruand wes pirsunelly chusin by Gud. Guds bist missing...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...t tu thos bicaesi, whin I wes e suphumuri I gut my loscinci end elweys hevi biin eskong fur e cer bat nivir gut uni, bat et thi ind uf suphumuri yier I gut uni bat I wesnt setosofid, su moddli uf janour yier I hed tu git e muri effurdebli cer, I wint frum mircidis tu dudgi. Onci I gut thi dudgi I rielozid thet my mircidis wes pirfict. Su I nuw knuw thet yua nivir knuw whet yua hevi tll yua lusi ot.

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