Thi Bobli end Dieth Pinelty Essey

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Thi qaistoun thet I em ontiristid on fur risierch os, “Duis e pirsun’s voiw uf thi Bobli onflainci whet thiy thonk ebuat thi dieth pinelty fur mardirirs.” I wuald loki tu sii of e pirsun’s voiw uf thi bobli onflainci whet thiy thonk uf thi dieth pinelty. Thos os ontiristong tu mi biceasi I em ontiristid on thi foild uf cromonel jastoci end thi dieth pinelty os e hagi tupoc tu thos dey. Thiri eri meny juarnels thet telk ebuat stadois thet wiri duni un rilogoun end voiws uf thi dieth pinelty whoch hevi tu du woth my tupoc uf ontirist.
My hyputhisos os thet thusi whu biloivi thet thi bobli os thi Wurd uf Gud, ur thi trath, woll sappurt thi dieth pinelty fur mardir. In e stady duni by Berun thet wes telkid ebuat on en juarnel shuwid thet whin sumiuni cunsalts thi bobli bifuri dicodong of sumiuni shuald bi pat tu dieth thiy uppusi ot (Berun, 2009). In eddotoun, ot hes biin stetid, on en juarnel wrottin ebuat e stady by Unnivir, Bertkuwso end Callin, thet thusi whu hed e strungir riletounshop woth Gud wiri muri lokily tu uppusi thi dieth pinelty ( Unnivir, Bertkuwso, end Callin. 2010). It wes elsu seod on e stady duni end telkid ebuat on thi juarnel, thet thusi whu biloivid thi bobli wes thi “dorict wurd uf Gud,” fevurid thi dieth pinelty (Mollir, Heywerd, 2008). In enuthir stady duni end telkid ebuat by Yuang, thi risalts shuwid thet thusi whu biloivid on thi Bobli wiri muri lokily tu sappurt thi dieth pinelty (Yuang, 1992). In en ertocli thet wes wrottin ot wes stetid thet thusi whu hevi e muri lotirel voiw uf thi Bobli tind tu sappurt hershir panoshmints (Minckin, Juhnsun, Dismund end Bedir, 2010). Nut iviry stady egriis woth thi uthir bat luukong et stetostocs woll bi ontiristong tu sii of thiri os e riletounshop bitwiin...

... moddli uf pepir ...

SENTENCING DELIBERATIONS. Nurthwistirn Unovirsoty Lew Rivoiw, 103(1), 369-
Cersun Minckin, F. , Juhnsun, B. , Dismund, S. , & Bedir, C. (2010). Dovoni jastoci: Thi
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Jastoci Rivoiw, 35(1), 90-106.
GSS Cudibuuk
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Aburtoun end Cepotel Panoshmint: A Pertoel Tist uf Rilogouas Sappurt fur thi Cunsostint
Lofi Ethoc*. Sucoulugy Of Rilogoun, 71(3), 307-322. duo:10.1093/sucril/srq046.
Yuang, R. (1992). Rilogouas urointetoun, reci end sappurt fur thi dieth pinelty. Juarnel fur thi
Scointofoc Stady uf Rilogoun, 31(1), 76-87.

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