Beyond Religion: Finding Our Inner Selves Essay

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The central purpose of Beyond Religion is to place emphasis on the inner qualities and values of an individual rather than devoting too much effort on external or material aspects of life. Mankind has endured many challenges since the beginning of time and yet we continue to face many problems. Despite our advances in medical science, technology, education, healthcare, human rights, laws, etc., we still suffer, struggle, and encounter many crisis around the world. Many parts of the world still experience poverty, crime, injustice, inequality, corruption, social, and environmental problems. The book asserts that these problems are a result of neglect of our inner qualities and moral values not just based on religious beliefs but the qualities that we appreciate in others. If each individual would take a moment and focus on developing his or her inner qualities and moral values such as integrity, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, tolerance, honesty, patience, kindness and so on then the world that we live in would become a better place.
The central idea presented in chapter one is about the understanding of secularism ethics and promoting virtue ethics. This idea does not suggest that religion is useless but rather intends to respect and create a middle ground amongst all religions as well as those who practice no religion. It also does not promote exclusion of religion from ethical systems, but rather promote integration for both. However the book implies that human can manage without religion but not without inner values. In our globalized and diverse world, people in all walks of life with different views, cultures, background and religions coexist in close proximity with one another. It is vital to honor and respec...

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...her people.
In contrast, the advantage that I see in secular ethics is that it first helps us realize that we all common with each other. We all desire and seek genuine happiness and avoid suffering. It does not pick sides nor prefer any certain religion but teaching implies to all. It gives us a better understanding of being compassionate to the well-being of others. It trains us to become resilient from the inside and gives us better understanding on how to deal with destructive emotion. It teaches us to become satisfied on what we have and not become a slave of the material and external world. It also provided guidance on developing our mental stability and inner values. Doing so will not guarantee to solve all the problems in world but it will surely make a difference one step at a time. Above all it can help guide you to be a better and peaceful person.

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