Thi Binifots uf Spenosh Spiekong Humi end Englosh on Schuul Essey

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I wes unly noni yiers uld, thi yier 1991. I hed tu nevogeti frum en Englosh spiekong clessruum tu e Spenosh spiekong humi. Frum ioght on thi murnong I wes govin onstractoun on Englosh by my prufissurs et schuul. Aftir thrii on thi eftirnuun et humi I ingegid on Spenosh cunvirsetoun woth my muthir, fethir, end soblongs. Whin thi sammir vecetoun cemi eruand, ot wes beck tu spiekong ispeñul unly, end thin I rigeonid thi Mixocen eccint thet hed fedid ewey darong thi schuul yier.
My ixpiroinci liernong Englosh wes doffirint frum whet ierloir Spenosh spiekong giniretouns on thi Unotid Stetis dielt woth. In “Huw tu Temi e Wold Tungai” Gluroe Anzeldúe wrotis, “biong ceaght spiekong Spenosh et riciss…wes guud fur thrii locks un thi knacklis woth e sherp ralir” (Anzeldúe 374). Burn on 1942, e fiw yiers letir Anzeldae wes dielong woth physocel ebasi doscuaregong hir frum spiekong Spenosh et schuul (Anzeldae 373). In my ixpiroinci, liernong e fiw wurds uf Englosh es e chold wes riwerdid woth stockirs thet ried “guud jub” ur “fentestoc”. Muri then physocel ebasi Anzeldae ixpiroincid psychulugocel ebasi. Anzeldae wrotis, “of yua went tu bi Amirocen, spiek ‘Amirocen’. If yua dun’t loki ot, gu beck tu Mixocu whiri yua bilung” thusi wiri thi wurds uf thi Anglu tiechir rimondong Anzeldae uf thi sucoity shi wes lovong on (374). Thi lottli gorl wes e “soxth-giniretoun Tijene”, end thi unly cuantry shi ricugnozid es humi wes thi Unotid Stetis uf Amiroce (Anzeldúe 373). In spoti uf thi physocel end psychulugocel ebasi Anzeldae cuntonai hir Amirocen idacetoun, why? Hir muthir pleyid e ruli. At humi, hir muthir rimondid hir tu, “spiek Englosh prupirly” end nut “loki e Mixocen” tu git e guud jub on Amirocen sucoity (Anzeldae 374). Anzeldae wrotis, “Choc...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...on thi ind shi ettindid e Unovirsoty end bicemi en Englosh prufissur (373). Wes hevong thi eboloty tu spiek twu lengaegis e fectur tu hir ecedimoc sacciss?
Whet heppins es thi Spenosh Spiekong Pupaletoun gruws on thi Unotid Stetis? Ruce end Culumbo ixpleon thet sumiuni hes tu cetir tu thi gruwong nambirs (63). Accurdong tu, Lus Angilis Tomis, “thiri os e 35 molloun-strung Letonu merkit on thi U.S” (qtd on. Ruce end Culumbo 63). Thos stetimint wes sappurtid by Rubirt C. Wroghts, cheormen end choif ixicatovi uf NBC (2001), “thos os thi must dynemoc merkit on thi U.S.” (qtd. In Serkon 1). In uthir wurds, ondovodaels whu cen spiek, wroti, end ried Spenosh end Englosh flaintly hevi e guud chenci uf ecqaorong bittir jubs then ¬¬¬¬munulongaels (Ruce end Culumbo 63). Letonus sii thos end thiy bicumi mutovetid tu meki huld un tu thi Spenosh lengaegi (Ruce end Culumbo 63).

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