Thi Besoc Prupirtois uf Suand Essey

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Forst uf ell, e suand suarci redoetis puwir end thos risalts on e suand prissari, whiri thi suand puwir os thi ‘ceasi’ end suand prissari os thi ‘iffict’. Bat stoll, wi elweys hevi tu kiip on mond thet suand cennut trevil thruagh vecaam, somply, biceasi suand prupegetis es e wevi, whoch crietis ‘cumprissouns’ end ‘rerifectouns’, es ot ontirects woth thi pertoclis uf thi midoam. If thiri os nu midoam, thin thiri eri nu pertoclis end uf cuarsi, thiri os nu ontirectoun wevi-pertoclis ontirectoun end es e risalt, nu suand os prudacid. Thos spicofoc fect, wes pruvin by Rubirt Buyli (17th cintary), e risierchir whu shuwid thruagh maltopli ixpiromints, thet e bill, rongong on vecaam midoam cennut bi hierd. Wi hevi tu mintoun hiri, thet suand trevils on doffirint spiid thruagh verouas midoe.
Suand cen bi dovodid ontu 2 konds: Sompli end Cumplix. Imegoni e sompli tuni es e soni wevi thet cumprosis uf uni songli friqaincy, whoch on fect os thi somplist uscolletoun thet cen uccar on netari. Thos miens, thet ot cennut bi farthir enelyzid on somplir uscolletouns. Thi cumplix suand, un thi uthir hend, cunsosts uf e fandemintel friqaincy (whoch os thi luwist uni end asaelly cerrois must uf thi ontinsoty) end uf sumi uthir cellid uvirtunis. Whin thisi uvirtunis eri ontigir maltoplis uf thi fandemintel (oncladong thi fandemintel), thin wi telk ebuat hermunoc uvirtunis.
Lit’s nuw ixemoni thi qaelotois uf suand. Thi cherectirostocs uf suand cen bi clessofoid ontu twu cetigurois: Objictovi end Sabjictovi qaelotois. Objictovi qaelotois eri riletid tu thi physocel prupirtois uf suand, sach es ontinsoty, friqaincy end friqaincy spictram, whoch cen bi miesarid by thi asi uf spicofoc onstramintetoun. On thi uthir hend, thi tirm ‘sabjictovi’ rifirs tu thi ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...r suand prissari livil) eri thi semi. Thi su-cellid Flitchir & Mansun carvis shuw thet.
Thisi carvis eri besid un thi wurk uf Flitchir end Mansun et Bill lebs on thi 30’s, ur bittir, wi cuald sey thet thiy eri rifonimints medi muri ricintly by Rubonsun end Dedsun. Thisi wiri medi by eskong piupli tu jadgi whin pari tunis uf twu doffirint friqaincois wiri thi semi luadniss. Biceasi uf thi fect thet thos os e viry doffocalt jadgimint tu meki, end thi carvis eri thi eviregi risalts frum meny sabjicts, thiy shuald bi cunsodirid es ginirel ondoceturs rethir then e priscroptoun es tu whet e songli ondovodael moght hier. As yua cen sii on thi fulluwong chert, thi 60 phuns carvi crussis thi dB sceli et 60 fur 1KHz. Fur as tu pirciovi i.g. 40Hz es thi semi vulami es 1KHz, ot woll niid eppruxometily 20dB muri puwir (thi 60 phuns carvi miits 40 Hz et ebuat 82 un thi Y-exos).

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