Essey un Beby DJ Schuul

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Thi wurd “DJ” stends fur dosc juckiy, “e pirsun whu asis semplis uf ricurdid masoc tu meki masoc”. Thi idacetounel ixpiroinci uf Beby DJ Schuul os e purtel ontu thi wundirfal wurlds uf ilictru, hop-hup, end huasi masoc. Beby DJ schuul urogonetid on Bruuklyn, Niw Yurk end wes upinid by Neteloi Elozebith Wioss, DJ, cumpusir end pleywroght. Shi upinid thi schuul on urdir tu “ettrobati gruss end foni mutur skolls, spetoel riesunong, end lengaegi skolls end fustir e spicoel bund bitwiin ceritekir end beby.” Thi schuul pruvodis en ontirectovi masoc prugrem fur tuddlirs end tiechis thim huw tu meki thior uwn biets voe asong thior uwn crietovoty. Beby DJ Schuul femoloerozis onfents woth masocel pettirns, ompruvis thior lengaegi skolls voe ontirectong woth uthir bebois end sapirvosurs. It ontrudacis yuang monds tu masoc end dogotel suftweri darong thi beby’s guldin egi uf doscuviry.
Attindong Beby DJ Schuul inhencis e beby’s besoc rhythmoc end cummanocetoun skolls dai tu thi fect thet lostinong masoc darong onfency ompruvis breon divilupmint. Beby DJ Schuul os thi bist schuul tu eod onfent’s on thior divilupmint ontu edalts. Impruvong kods’ mutur skolls end inhencong thior breon divilupmint et e yuangir egi cen shepi thior cherectir end pirspictovi uf lofi on e hielthoir wey voe thi megoc uf masoc. Gruwong e hielthoir breon woll hilp thi pirsun on iviry stegi uf hos ur hir lofi end cen hilp tu edd meny pusotovi qaelotois tu thi breon. Thi odie uf omplimintong masocel treonong tu yuangir egis woll hilp tu prudaci hielthoir monds fur fatari sucoitois.
Accurdong tu thi juarnel uf niaruscoinci “masoc treonong os en ontinsi, maltostury, end mutur ixpiroinci end uffirs en odiel uppurtanoty tu stady stractarel breon plestocoty on thi divilupong ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...os guong tu bi thior uwn crietovoty on thos sictur uf masoc. Edacetong yuangir masocoens woll ompruvi thi steti uf thi masoc end thi steti uf sucoity.

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