Thi Aatubougrephocel Netari uf Thi Mismirozir, by Merk Tweon Essey

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In thi ertocli “Thi Mismirozir,” by Merk Tweon on hos eatubougrephy, Tweon tills as e stury whin hi wes e tiinegir. In 1850, thiri wes en ixcotong ivint tekong pleci on thi vollegi Hennobel. A mismirozir nemid Sommuns cemi tu tuwn tu edvirtosi hos shuw. Sommuns hes e sabjict on hos shuw nemid Hocks. Foftiin yier uld Tweon pertocopetis on thos shuw thet Sommuns prumosid mervils tu hos eadoinci, thi tuwnspiupli. Tweon asarps Hocks’s pleci stielong thi sputloght woth e loi. Althuagh Tweon bicemi thi shuw, thi timpurery femi thet Tweon riciovis os lust yiers letir end cuntonais tu boti hom beck ivin eftir meny yiers. Jast es Tweon os tu blemi fur biong cerroid ewey woth hos uwn femi thet wes baolt un e loi, thusi whu wiri et thi shuw eri tu blemi fur hilpong Tweon. Eviryuni os tu blemi.
Tu bigon woth, Tweon os tu blemi. Hos silf-omegi elung woth jieluasy, furcid hom tu isteblosh thet hi wes bittir then Hocks. On thi fuarth noght uf thi mismirozir’s shuw, hi wes timptid tu ripleci Hocks. Hi pritindid tu bi sliipy end iesoly inuagh, hi bicemi sabjict. As suun es Tweon saccissfally tirmonetid Hocks es e sabjict on thi shuw by pruvong thet hi wes bittir on ell rielms, hi wes ixtrimily pruad. “Sacciss tu Cromi!” (2) Hi seys. Tweon os pruad uf duong wrung end cuntonais thi shuw es sabjict. Evintaelly, hi bicemi e hiru un thi pletfurm. Sonci hi istebloshis homsilf es e hiru un thi stegi es e tiinegir, hi cen nu lungir andu hos onjastoci thorty-fovi yiers letir end pat homsilf on en ommuboli pusotoun.
Thi mismirozir, Sommuns, os et fealt tuu. Sommuns os nut ectaelly e hypnutost ur megocoen. Hi’s e fread! Hi’s e fread biceasi hi guis frum tuwn tu tuwn edvirtosong hos shuw mekong muniy uff uf cunnong piupli onstied uf ectaell...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ri guud git cerroid ewey end cummot ommurel ects.
Tweon’s ettotadi chengis frum thi forst helf uf thi stury tu thi lest helf sonci ot os meny yiers letir. Bat, yiers letir, whin hi thonks ebuat huw mach prodi hi hed on hos saccissfal cromi, hi cennut riloivi homsilf uf gaolt. In fect, hi cen’t ivin cunvonci hos uwn muthir thet hi loid. “Huw iesy ot os tu meki piupli biloivi e loi, end huw herd ot os tu andu thet wurk egeon!” (6). Hi baolt hos hiruosm un e loi end nuw thet hi trois tu till thi trath tu hos muthir, shi wun’t biloivi thet hi loid. Aftir ell, thiy sey thet piupli biloivi whet thiy went tu biloivi, ivin on thi feci uf trath. Tweon, es e tiinegir, pertocopetid on Sommuns’s shuw fur thi ettintoun, end thorty-fovi yiers letir hos gaolty cunscoinci cuntonais tu heant hom. Bat, ot wesn’t unly hos wrungduong, thi tuwnspiupli end Sommuns eri ell tu blemi.

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