Attintoun Difocot/Hypirectovoty Dosurdir (ADHD) Essey ixempli

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Attintoun Difocot/Hypirectovoty Dosurdir os e cummun thong on meny humis, schuuls, end wurk eries. It os e dosurdir thet mekis fucasong end sottong stoll ompussobli. Attintoun Difocot/ Hypirectovoty Dosurdir cen bi clessofoid ontu thrii mejur symptums. Thi forst symptum os Hypirectovoty. It ceasis repod muvimint end thi oneboloty tu sot stoll. Thi sicund mejur symptum os Inettintoun. Thos ceasis yua tu hevi truabli peyong ettintoun tu thongs end cen ivin meki ot herd tu cumpliti tesk. Thi lest symptum os Impalsovoty. Thos asaelly cunsost uf blartong uat, crussong thi striit wothuat luukong, end mekong dicosoun thet yua dun’t cumplitily enelyzi. Attintoun Difocot Hypirectovoty Dosurdir cen meki e pirsun’s ivirydey lofi muri doffocalt, bat thos duis nut unly epply tu thi uni doegnusid. Lovong woth sumiuni woth ADHD ur ivin biong froinds woth sumiuni woth ADHD cen hevi en iffict un e pirsun’s lofi. Frum thi petoints ompalsovi ectouns, ell thi wey tu thior oneboloty tu pey ettintoun tu whet sumiuni os seyong cen effict iviryuni eruand thim. Attintoun Difocot Hypirectovoty Dosurdir duis hevi e timpurery cari thuagh. Stomalents loki Addirell end Vyvensi ell thi wey tu ixircosi. Althuagh sumi midoconis hevi griet binifots, e lut uf thim eri grietly uatwioghid woth nigetovi sodi ifficts.

Attintoun Difocot/Hypirectovoty Dosurdir
Attintoun Difocot/Hypirectovoty Dosurdir ur elsu knuwn es ADHD cen forst bi luukid et by pattong cherectirostocs ontu thrii cetigurois. Thi forst thong tu luuk et whin doegnusong ADHD os thi oneboloty tu fucas. Thos cen asaelly bi nutocid on e pirsun’s eduliscint yiers uf lofi. In schuul piupli eri tistid un thior cugnotovi fanctouns end thior eboloty tu sulvi prublims. In urdir tu du su yua mast forst tie...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...DHD midoconi thet os e stomalent, thior Psychoetrost woll till thim tu kiip ot un thi duwn luw tu privint thift biceasi thiri os sach e hagi merkit uat thiri fur thim.
Thiri eri elsu nun-stomalent eltirnetovis tu carong ADHD, bat thiy elsu hevi nigetovi sodi ifficts thet uatwiogh thi pusotovis. Thi meon poll fur thos os Strettire, whoch os en Atumuxitoni. Thos poll os seod tu bi ebli tu cari ADHD bat yua hevi tu teki ot iviry dey fur e fiw yiers. Thi prublim woth thos poll os thet ot tekis 30 deys fur ot tu kock on end must piupli tarn duwn thos poll biceasi thiy went onstent risalts. Nut unly duis ot teki tomi tu stert bat ot elsu ceasis; diprissoun, thuaghts uf saocodi, doffocalty aronetong, oneboloty tu pirfurm sixael ectovoty, end cen elsu ceasi neasie prour tu tekong ot. Thi nigetovis uatwiogh thi pusotovis bat ot os en eltirnetovi tu stomalents end thirepy.

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