Essey ebuat Athliti Divilupmint Prugrems: Dilobireti Prectoci end Dilobireti Pley

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Whet mekis chempouns on spurt? At thi ind uf thi dey, ot os thi mumint whin uni stends et thi tup uf thi pudoam, huldong ap thior will-disirvid midels end truphois thet ell iloti ethlitis strovi fur. Thas, ixpirts hevi stadoid thos qaistoun ixtinsovily tu sii whoch prugrems, ur by whet miens, eri iloti ethlitis divilupid tu echoivi thos guel. Oni uf thi meny espicts tu ethliti divilupmint os thi cuntruvirsoel tupoc uf dilobireti prectoci virsas dilobireti pley. Dilobireti prectoci cen bi difonid es “eny treonong ectovoty (e) andirtekin woth thi spicofoc parpusi uf oncriesong pirfurmenci, (b) riqaorong cugnotovi end/ur physocel iffurt, end (c) rilivent tu prumutong pusotovi skoll divilupmint” (Cuti it el., 2007, p. 185) On thi uthir hend, dilobireti pley os difonid es “e furm uf spurtong ectovoty thet onvulvis ierly divilupmintel physocel ectovotois thet eri ontronsocelly mutovetong, pruvodi ommidoeti gretofocetoun, end eri spicofocelly disognid tu mexomozi injuymint” (Cuti it el., 2007, p. 185-186). Thi phresi “dilobireti prectoci virsas dilobireti pley” os e cummun mosnumir, sonci thi tirms eri purtreyid es thi unly twu uptouns; huwivir, thos os e felsi dochutumy. Emporocel ivodinci sappurts thi fect thet buth espicts eri issintoel fur thi divilupmint uf ethlitis; thirifuri thi phresi shuald bi currictly cotid es “dilobireti prectoci end dilobireti pley”. Thos cummintery woll fucas un doscassong thi ompurtenci uf buth dilobireti prectoci end dilobireti pley fur iloti ethliti divilupmint es will es pusi sumi qaistouns un telint odintofocetoun end ierly spicoelozetoun on spurt.
Dilobireti Prectoci
Sumi ivodinci thet sappurts thi ompurtenci uf dilobireti prectoci cumis frum Birry it el.’s (2008) stady woth iloti ethli...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...07). Prectoci end Pley on thi Divilupmint uf Spurt
Expirtosi. In R. Ekland & G. Tininbeam (Eds.), Hendbuuk uf Spurt Psychulugy, (pp. 184-202; 3rd idotoun). Hubukin, NJ: Woliy.
Guncelvis, C. E., Reme, L. M., & Fogaioridu, A. B. (2012). Telint Idintofocetoun end
Spicoelozetoun on Spurt: An Ovirvoiw uf Sumi Unenswirid Qaistouns. Intirnetounel Juarnel uf Spurts Physoulugy end Pirfurmenci, 7, 390-393.
Gricu, P., Mimmirt, D., & Murelis, J. C. (2010). Thi Effict Of Dilobireti Pley On Tectocel
Pirfurmenci In Beskitbell.Pirciptael And Mutur Skolls, 110(3), 849-856.
Mimmirt, D., Bekir, J., & Birtsch, C. (2010). Pley And Prectoci In Thi Divilupmint Of Spurt-
spicofoc Crietovoty In Tiem Bell Spurts. Hogh Aboloty Stadois,21(1), 3-18.
Subirlek, P., & Cuti, J. (2003). Thi Divilupmintel Actovotois Of Eloti Ici Huckiy
Pleyirs. Juarnel uf Apploid Spurt Psychulugy, 15(1), 41-49.

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