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Animals in Georgia
Parasitism is a dangerous problem because it causes disease in animals. These diseases in animals can be contagious to human beings; therefore animals harm the ecosystem by spreading bacteria, and pathogens. According to Baucom, and de Roode (2011), tolerance or resistant mechanisms in animals could reduce the growth of parasites. Diseases and bacteria are not only the problems with animals, as human population increase, animals and humans comes in conflict with each other. However, the conditions and climate of Georgia can affect some foreign animals. For example, the panda that was at the Atlanta zoo originated from China, since the panda is used to the environment in China, the climate of Georgia has affected them, therefore they were sent back to China to secure their health. Several species such as gray bats, Indiana bats, manatees, and humpback whales are endangering due to human’s overhunting activities (Castleberry 2005). Some animals in Georgia are affected by the conditions and climate of the area, while other animals affect the health conditions of human beings.
Animals live varies to the elevation level of the five regions of Georgia. The five regions of Georgia are Blue Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, Valley and Ridge, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain. Animals such as deer mouse and smoky shrew are the uncommon mammals that live in Georgia, only seen in the Blue Ridge region of Georgia, because this region has the highest elevation. The Valley and Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau Animals contain many caves for bat species. The Piedmont regions provide habitats for the wetland animals such as swamp rabbits, and river otter. The Coastal Plain provides habitats for other animals that live in oceans...

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.... Some animals face endangerment because of human’s hunting activities and because of the climate changes. Due to the endangered rare species, people solve this problem by bringing these animals back to their natural habitat.

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