Animal Farm, by George Orwell

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The fiction book that I am doing my book report is on the novel, Animal Farm. This book was written by George Orwell in 1946. The setting of my book took place in a farm called “Manor Farm” during the Russian Revolution ear. The characters are basically farm animals. Some of these animals’ names are Old Major, Snowball, and Napoleon. They are all pigs from the farm.
The animals on the farm get tired of how they are getting badly treated. So they end up overthrowing their farm owner Mr. Jones. After they overthrow their owner, the pigs start taking over the farm and taking control over all the other animals in the farm.
Old Major was one of the oldest pigs in the farm. He was a very smart pig. He would tell the other animals how they were suppose to be living, how they were suppose to be getting treated and how they were suppose to get rid of their owner. One day
Old Major was going to tell the animals what they must do and Old Major dies. Once Old Major dies the animals start fighting back against Mr. Jones. The animals even ended up getting rid of Mr. Jones.
After Old Major died Napoleon and Snowball took over everything. Snowball didn’t last long on being one of the leaders with Napoleon. Napoleon ended up getting rid of Snowball too. Napoleon turned out to be an evil pig. He was just turning just like the humans in the book. Napoleon became a very mean pig that he ended up lying to all the farm animals and saying one thing and then doing another thing. Napoleon mainly just be treated the animals and started treating them bad. He would treat them like slaves in other words.
So ever since the animals started to take control of the farm and the animals they finished up changing everything. The animals even ended up changing the farms name from “Manor Farm” to “Animal Farm”. But out of all the animals in the farm the smartest animals were the pigs. And the meanest pig out of all of them was Napoleon. Everything was a mess in the farm ever since the pigs got rid of Mr. Jones. Later on Mr. Jones tires to come back and get back his farm but the pigs did not let him.
The book Animal Farm does not relate to me in any way.

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The only thing that is similar is that I have animals too. For example I have a horse and I have two dogs. But my animals do not talk though and they are not taking over my house. So this book does not relate with my family, working life or my personal life.
I would not recommend this book to any of my friends or to any of my fellow students. Why, because I really did not enjoy reading this book at all for several reasons. My basic reason is because it had to do with talking animals. The other reason was because the animals were taking over there farm when they got rid of their owner Mr. Jones. Maybe if the book was not about talking animals and it was about something else it would’ve been okay. But other than that I also thought the book as just boring and long.
If I could change the book I would change the story up. I would just make the story about human people. Not about talking animals. I would make it more intersecting instead of long and boring.

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