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Is animal testing cruelty or science? This is the question that many people ask to themselves, and is one of the many controversial topics in today’s society. In my point of view animal testing is cruelty because animals can’t talk for themselves so they get kill and hurt, and we also violated their right by doing this. Anjo a member of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) said “Animals feel pain; they have a right to decent life” (Nancy Day 2000, pg.12). It is difficult to determine how many animals are used for research, but experts agree the number is declining. Research use animal for experiments because animals’ bodies often react in ways that are similar to the ways in which human bodies react. Animal research proponents say that almost every major medical discovery in the last hundred years has involved experiments on animals. “Jonathan Balcombre of the Humance Society of the United States estimates that between 15 to 20 million vertebrate animals are currently used each year in the United State and between 60 and 80 million are used worldwide” (Nancy Day 2000, pg.13).
According to Chris DeRose, founder and president of Last Chance for Animals said, “I’d give my own life to cure cancer. I don’t, morally and ethically, however, have the right to kill a single rat; I don’t care what preposterous justification they try to use?”(Nancy Day 2000, pg.14). Many animal activists are opposed to animal experimentation on moral ground because by getting animal for experimentation we are violating their right. Animal research proponents say the morality is in saving human lives. They point to the millions of people whose lives have been saved or improved through research on animal. Between these two positions, influenced by tides of publ...

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...mal Lobby.
We can treat different species differently, but always we should treat equal suffering equally. In the case of nonhumans, we see them mercilessly exploited in factory farms, in labratories, and in the wild. These are major abuses causing great suffering, yet they are still justified on the ground that these creatures are not of the same species as ourselves.
The main difference between animals and humans is the ability to make ethical judgments. Animals cannot distinguish between right and wrong; humans can. Some opponents of animal rights maintain that since animals do not have the ability to make moral decisions, they do not deserve moral consideration. Actually, the reverse of this argument is true: “The human capacity to act morally obligates us to prevent animal suffering. It does not give us license to cause it” (Vaughan Monamy 2009, pg.88).

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