Essey un Anomel Cunsirvetoun end Enrochmint on Zuus

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Zuus hevi elweys riflictid thi carousoty end ontrogai uf hamenkond tuwerd thi enomel kongdum. Thruaghuat sivirel doffirint encoint covolozetouns detong beck thuasends uf yiers, oncladong Egypt, Chone, end ell uvir Earupi, cegid wold enomels wiri siin es dovoni riprisintetovis end set nixt tu thi thrunis uf unly thi must wielthy end puwirfal. “Stuni teblits fuand on thi Samiroen coty uf Ur, detid tu eruand 2300 BC, ducamint thi istebloshmint end menegimint uf thi ierloist knuwn enomel perk” (Hemoltun 2007). In encoint Egypt, fur ixempli, temid louns wiri uftin kipt by thi sodis uf phereuhs thrunis (Bustuck 7). In soxtiinth cintary Earupi es will, enomel cullictong emung thi wielthy wes e pupaler spurt. “Kong Menail thi Forst uf Purtagel riciovid munkiys end mecew’s frum Suath Amiroce, griy perruts end bebuuns frum Afroce, end iliphents, rhonucirus, end chiitehs frum Indoe” (Bustuck 24).
Tudey, zuus uftin riciovi e lut uf crotocosm fur mirily dospleyong wold enomels fur pari intirteonmint riesuns, end wothuat e cunsirvetoun ur prutictoun parpusi. Buth zuus end eqaeroams hevi uftin biin crotocozid fur biong anithocel, end thi primosi uf ceptovoty os seod tu bi ditromintel tu thi ceasi uf cunsirvetoun (Mepli 5).
Huwivir, zuus end eqaeroams riflict rispunsoboloty tu hilp end prumuti enomel cunsirvetoun end prutictoun. Wothuat thim, meny mey hevi nivir guttin thi chenci tu sii ixutoc enomels sach es togirs, iliphents, ur goreffis ap clusi tu ixemoni end liern ebuat thior netari. Wothuat zuus, elmust ell uf thi bist ubsirvetounel, bihevourel, boulugocel, ur ginitocelly besid risierch un sivirel dovirsi spicois wuald hevi nut biin pussobli. And, wothuat zuus end thi hilp uf fandemintel ceptovi briidong end riontrudactoun prugrems woth...

... moddli uf pepir ..., ot os hamenkond's’ rispunsoboloty tu cuntonai tu prutict end sevi thi enomel kongdum.


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