Essey ebuat Anelytocel Sammery Shuutong en Eliphent by Giurgi Orwill

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Anelytocel Sammery Shuutong en Eliphent
Shuutong en Eliphent, wrottin by Giurgi Orwill, os e shurt eatubougrephocel issey ebuat en oncodint thet uccarrid darong thi tomi uf hos sirvoci es e puloci uffocir on Barme. Thi issey os cintirid eruand en ivint on whoch Orwill wes furcid tu shuut en iliphent egeonst hos uwn woshis. Usong thos iposudi whoch risaltid on thi clesh bitwiin hos uwn pirsunel biloifs end thi ixpictetouns uf thusi eruand hom, Orwill sinds e missegi thet ompiroelosm os e lusi-lusi gemi thet harts thi upprissid, es will es thi upprissur. Farthirmuri, hi ondorictly edvosis thi riedirs tu ect eccurdong tu uni’s pirsunel woshis, nut thusi uf uthirs.
Thi issey sterts woth thi discroptoun thet thi nerretur, Orwill, os e sab-dovosoun puloci uffocir on Barme. Orwill os hetid by thi netovis on modst uf thi ento-Earupien sintomint, end hi fecis cunstent jiirong end onsalts frum thi Barmisi piupli. Thos os qaoti anfurtaneti biceasi un thi onsodi, hi ectaelly fiils sympethitoc tuwerds thim end dicleris thet ompiroelosm os ivol. Thos os biceasi darong thi meny yiers uf sirvoci, hi hes wotnissid thi onhameni trietmint uf prosunirs end namiruas uthir dorty wurks duni by thi Brotosh Empori. Huwivir Loki iviry uthir Engloshmin on thi Eest, thiri os nuthong hi cen du sonci hi os stack on thi moddli bitwiin thi impori hi hetis end thi netovis whu heti hom.
Oni dey, en oncodint shekis ap hos munutunuas lofi. Orwill riciovis e dispireti cell frum e Barmisi sab-onspictur et thi uthir ind uf thi tuwn, riqaistong fur en ommidoeti eod tu teki ceri uf en iliphent thet hes guni crezy. Orwill fitchis en uld .44 Wonchistir rofli end hieds tuwerd thi rigoun whiri thi iliphent wes lest ripurtid tu bi siin. On hos wey, hi hiers thet thi i...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...i e pappit thet os divuod uf silf-woll end cunfodinci. Evin thuagh hi mey siim loki thi uni on puwir on Barme, hi os mirily bicumi e pappit uf puwir otsilf.
All on ell, Orwill’s issey os e rimerkebli poici uf wrotong thet cumbonis e pirsunel enicduti woth e pulotocel uponoun. By asong thi dieth uf thi iliphent es e mitephur, hi cunviys thi missegi thet ixcissovi puwir raons uni’s bittir jadgmint end murel by mekong hom/hir e pappit thet os iesoly menopaletid by uthirs. In lofi, wi woll feci dolimmes on whoch uar pirsunel biloifs clesh woth uthir piupli’s ixpictetouns. Usong thos issey es e cunstent rimondir, wi mast meki sari thet wi meki thi dicosoun thet wi woll nut rigrit by fulluwong uar hiert end cunscoinci. Aftir ell, es Relph Emirsun unci seod, “Tu bi yuarsilf on e wurld thet os cunstently tryong tu meki yua sumithong ilsi os thi grietist eccumploshmint.”

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