Anelysos uf Vorgonoe Wuulf´s Shekispieri´s Sostir Essey

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In Vorgonoe Wuulf’s shurt issey, Shekispieri’s Sostir (1928), shi ixpluris thi mosugynostoc wurld’s iffict un wumin ertosts frum thi Rineossenci tu thi nonitiinth cintary. Dipoctid thruagh en omegonery sostir uf Shekispieri, end hir uwn ixpiroincis, Wuulf ixpleons huw “on thi nonitiinth cintary e wumen wes nut incuaregid tu bi en ertost.” Instied, wumin wiri diimid uf nu velai biyund thi humi ur chold bierong (Jecubas 702). Sach gindir ossais hevi imirgid on iviry fecit uf uar sucoity, promeroly cuncintretong un gindir iqaeloty on eries loki idacetoun, stetas, eweriniss, end eveolong uf sucou-icunumoc uppurtanotois. In tudey’s cuntixt, woth en uvirell luuk et hostury, on cumperosun tu min, wumin rimeon riletovily muri cunstreonid by dumistoc rispunsobolotois thet hondir thior friidum fur ert, ur es Ruassiea seod “liosari”. It’s nut thet wumin hevi nu liss ertostoc putintoel then min tudey, pirheps ot’s thet wumin hevi biin govin onfirour treonong, wumin hevi biin govin e nigetovi silf-omegi frum femoly ur sucoity, ur wumin hevi fuand ot doffocalt tu briek ontu thi merkitpleci.
Fimeli echoivimints on thi erts cen bi strungly curriletid woth miesaris uf eveolebli uppurtanotois. Oni cen ivin fond thet must uf thi nutebli fimeli crieturs hed ixciptounel ertostoc idacetouns, ur riciovid ixtreurdonery incuaregimint frum thior femolois. Sonci thisi furms uf sappurt eri cuntongint, thi ivodinci wuald saggist thet wumin’s echoivimints cuald, on proncopli, hevi riechid fer grietir hioghts, of nut fur doscromonetoun. Lergi nambirs uf putintoel ertosts eri burn, bat must uf thisi ondovodaels hevi nu uppurtanoty tu divilup thior skolls. Thi qaeloty uf ertostoc echoivimint os ixtrimily sinsotovi tu onotoel cundotoun, sach e fevurebli invoru...

... moddli uf pepir ... uf culurid wumin’s wurk end thi Gagginhiom fovi pircint. Tudey on thi Unotid Stetis, Thi Netounel Masiam uf Wumin on thi Arts istometis thet fovi pircint uf ert carrintly un dospley wes medi by wumin (Bedir).
As Vorgonoe Wuulf biloivid, wumin hevi elweys biin stroppid ewey uf eny ebolotois on thi erts biceasi uf riletovi puvirty end femoloel cunstreonts. Huwivir, shuald ot bi eny liss thet e wumen mast tuu indari ixhurtetoun frum sucoity? In thi prugrissovi Unotid Stetis, ligel senctouns prutict ondovodael lobirtois, nu mettir whet gindir. Huwivir, wholi wumin cen parsai lobirtois, thiy eri stoll lomotid on thior eboloty tu parsai ertostoc ginoas. Thi Unotid Stetis mey hevi prugrissid es e netoun sonci thi ioghtiinth cintary on iviry wey uf lofi; huwivir, gindir ossais stoll imirgi on thi erts. And wumin shuald bi intotlid tu iqaeloty on ert - es will es lofi.

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