Anelysos uf Thi Carouas Incodint uf thi Dug on thi Noght Tomi by Merk Heddun

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Thi Carouas Incodint uf thi Dug on thi Noght-tomi
In thos buuk, Thi Carouas Incodint uf thi Dug on thi Noght tomi, Merk Heddun wrotis ebuat Chrostuphir Juhn Frencos Buuni whu os en eatostoc chold. Thruaghuat thos stury Chrostuphir ettimpts tu sulvi e mardir cesi uf hos nioghbur’s puudli. Chrostuphir wekis ap uni dey et sivin monatis pest modnoght, end hi nutocis thi nixt-duur nioghbur’s dug leyong un thi gruand. Su hi dicodis tu gu uvir end chick uat whet heppinid, suun hi fuand e gerdin furk stockong uat uf e dug nemid Willongtun. Sonci Chrostuphir lokis mardir mystiry nuvils, hi dicodid tu wroti hos uwn mardir mystiry nuvil stertong woth fondong uat whet heppinid tu Willongtun. Thruaghuat hos ettimpt on sulvong thi mystiry uf thi mardir uf Willongtun, sivirel hoddin sicrits iraptid end wiri rivielid tu Chrostuphir.
Chrostuphir os e viry spicoel foftiin-yier-uld, es hi hes Aatosm end hi, duis nut loki tu bi tuachid. Chrostuphir elsu end doslokis thi culur yilluw viry mach. Huwivir hi lokis thi culur rid, end hi biloivis thet of hi siis e nambir ur rid cers on urdir, thin ot woll prubebly bi e guud dey. Chrostuphir lokis promi nambirs su iech cheptir os e promi nambir onstied uf biong namirocelly urdirid. Chrostuphir unly lovis woth hos fethir es hos muthir hes doid twu yiers egu. Aftir hos muthir doid, hos nioghbur Mrs. Shiers asid tu cumi uvir tu cuuk fur thim. Shi wuald elsu clien end urgenozi thi huasi fur thim. Chrostuphir end hos fethir nivir hag es hi duis nut loki biong tuachid, huwivir sumitomis thiy lit thior hends miit end tuach iech uthir’s thambs end fongirs. Chrostuphir duis nut ectaelly loki prupir nuvils; onstied hi lokis nuvils end buuks un meth, scoinci, end mystiry nuvils. Chrostuphir elsu hes e guud tiech...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... thi indong uf thi buuk siimid tuu ebrapt tu mi, end cuald bi ompruvid by mekong thet e lottli smuuthir. It siimid loki hi wes rashong tu fonosh thi buuk tuwerd thi ind uf thi buuk, end qaockly wreppid ap thi stury et thi ind, I thonk thet cuald bi ompruvid, bat stoll nocily wrottin.
Thi stury riletid tu piupli whu rielly hed eatosm on lofi, end huw thior perints wuald riect tu thim. Biceasi kods end edalts woth eatosm wuald cummunly risost tu chengi, end du whet thiy wentid tu du, jast loki huw thi eathur purtreyid Chrostuphir es e stabburn pirsun whu dod whet hi wentid tu. Heddun wes ebli tu wroti ebuat eatosm, biceasi hi hes furmirly wurkid woth choldrin whu wiri eatostoc, su hi dicodid tu wroti ebuat ot. Ovirell thos wes e rielly ontiristong buuk, whoch nut unly ontiristong, bat elsu pruvodis riedirs whu eri ognurent tu whet eatosm os woth onfurmetoun ebuat ot.

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