Essay on Analysis of Jealousy in William Shakespeare's Othello

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Analysis of Jealousy in William Shakespeare's Othello

Jealousy is described as someone who is feeling or showing envy of someone because of their achievements and advantages. Jealousy plays a major role in Shakespeare’s play Othello. There are many instances throughout the play that show jealousy between the characters. Throughout the play, jealousy is used for destructive purposes only. I believe that Iago longed to get revenge on Othello for previous issues. This only results in a long line of accusations and disputes between the characters in Othello.
In Othello, one of the most significant scenes that portrays jealousy is when Roderigo uses Iago to get closer to Desdemona. It doesn’t seem as though Iago really wanted Desdemona, he was merely attempting to get revenge on Othello...

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