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Analysis Of Flawed Research

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Analysis of Flawed Research

The following article analysis review by Team B illustrates and identifies several examples of statistics abuse in the practical world as a result of flawed research. The following examples demonstrate how a manger could and in many examples, does make erroneous decisions due to inaccurate statistics. The team has compiled the results by detailing the respective articles.
In the article, Pentagon Decision Making: seriously flawed, Karen Kwiatkowski witnessed first hand how erroneous and inaccurate information inside the Office of the Secretary of Defense, affected the United States decision to go to war with Iraq. This business decision not only affected the Bush Administration, but also affected the entire country. The article suggests that certain parts of this information made its way into speeches given by President Bush in order to mislead America and gain support for the war in Iraq.
The following themes are identified in the article, (Kwiatkowski, 2003):
1. Functional isolation of the professional corps. Civil service and active-duty military...

... middle of paper ...
Kwiatkowski, K. (2003, August). Pentagon decision-making: seriously flawed. The Record. Retrieved September 29, 2003 from Proquest Database on the World Wide Web:
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and positive results. New Straits Times, pp. 17. Retrieved September 30, 2003.
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