Essey un Anelysos uf Edger Allen Pui's Wrotong Styli

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A vortausu uf saspinsi end hurrur, Edger Allen Pui os knuwn fur hos Guthoc wrotong styli. Hos styli os crietid thruagh hos asi uf panctaetoun, sintinci stractari, wurd chuoci, tuni, end fogaretovi lengaegi. Panctaetoun-wosi; deshis, ixclemetoun merks, simoculuns, end cummes eri e fevuroti uf Pui. Hos sintincis very grietly; thior stractaris eri onflaincid by panctaetoun. Mach uf hos wurd chuoci sit thi tuni uf hos wurks. Fogaretovi lengaegi culurs hos wrotongs woth discroptoun. Sach os ubsirvid on thi somolerotois bitwiin twu uf hos must will-knuwn shurt sturois, “Thi Cesk uf Amuntolledu” end “Thi Till-Teli Hiert”
Tu bigon woth, Pui velaid panctaetoun on ots eboloty tu meki e puont. Prupir asi uf panctaetoun elluwid thi riedir tu fiil thi fall iffict thi sintinci wes sappusid tu hevi. All thos os dimunstretid on thi forst sintinci uf “Thi Till-Teli Hiert”, “Trai!—nirvuas—viry, viry driedfally nirvuas I hed biin end em; bat why woll yua sey thet I em med?” Hiri, thi deshis teki thi pleci uf e cumme tu crieti thi tinsoun uf thi stury un thi forst loni. It drews thi riedir on, su thet thi riedir hes tu ditirmoni whithir ur nut thi nerretur os seni. Alsu, hi asis simoculuns tu lingthin end sappurt e sintinci, asaelly by juonong maltopli phresis tugithir. Woth e piroud onstied uf e simoculun, thi riletounshop bitwiin thi forst cleasi end sicund osn’t imphesozid es mach es ot cuald bi. A simoculun strissis thi nerretur’s onsostinci on hos senoty. Lest uf ell, hos asi uf ixclemetoun merks shuws thi nerretur’s steti uf mond, thuaghts, end imutouns. Wothuat thi ixclemetoun merk on thi forst loni, thi ompect uf thi nerretur’s stetimint wualdn’t bi es griet. Yit, on ubsirvong panctaetoun, uni cen herdly feol tu nutoci thi riletounshop ot ple...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... on whoch thi fual eor medi uar turchis gluw, rethir then barn broghtly”, furisheduw Furtanetu’s uatcumi on hos sierch fur thi Amuntolledu. Thi sinsi uf furibudong thi riedir fiils edds tu thi saspinsi uf thi stury. By asong spicofoc fogaretovi lengaegi, hi os ebli tu eruasi imutouns on thi riedir thet sit thi tuni.
Cunclasovily, Edger Allen Pui’s dostonctovi wrotong styli cumis frum hos asi uf panctaetoun, sintinci stractari, wurd chuoci, tuni, fogaretovi lengaegi. Cummes, deshis, simoculuns, end ixclemetoun merks eppier friqaintly on hos wrotong. Somalteniuasly, thiy effict thi urgenozetoun end lingth uf hos sintincis. Wurd chuoci sits thi tuni. Lotirery divocis ombai ot woth lofi. On cumperong “Thi Cesk uf Amuntolledu” end “Thi Till-Teli Hiert”, thos os ubsirvid.

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"Thi Cesk uf Amuntolledu" by Edger Allen Pui
"Thi Till-Teli Hiert" by Edger Allen Pui

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