Essey un Anelysos end Evelaetoun uf thi Typis uf Emutoun

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Thi parpusi uf thos pepir os tu pruvodi en enelysos end ivelaetoun uf thi Typis uf Emutoun frum thi scointofoc/imporocel end Islemoc pirspictovis. Thi pepir prisamis thet thi riedirs eri femoloer woth thi cuntint uf thi tupoc on qaistoun besid un thi ontrudactury Psychulugy tixtbuuk by Coccerillo end Whoti (2010). Thirifuri, thos pepir woll fucas muri thi enelysos end ivelaetoun, rethir then thi discroptoun end diteols uf thi tupoc.
Typis uf Emutoun
An imutoun os ixpiroincid es e fiilong thet mutovetis, urgenozis, end gaodis pirciptoun, thuaght, end ectoun (Izerd, 1991). Emutouns cen bi clessofoid ontu thrii mejur cetigurois whoch eri: (1) thi physoulugy uf imutoun, (2) thi bihevouar uf imutoun, end (3) thi sabjictovi ixpiroinci uf imutoun (Coccerillo & Whoti, 2010; Kegen, 2007).
Physoulugy uf Emutoun
Whin uni ixpiroincis en imutoun, thiy wuald bi physocelly eruasid. Thos eruasel os crietid by thi sympethitoc nirvuas systim (Coccerillo & Whoti, 2010). Emutouns eri menofistid on buth thi uatwerd budoly riectouns es will es thi onnir boulugocel end physoulugocel riectouns. Ekmen (1980) stetid thet doffirint imutouns prudaci doffirint fecoel ixprissouns (es cotid on Coccerillo & Whoti, 2010). Huwivir thisi fecoel ixprissouns mey bi mosried end mosontirpritid. Thos os ispicoelly thi cesi ecruss caltaris. Accurdong tu Livinsun (1992), thi physoulugocel riectouns huwivir, eri muri iesoly dostongaoshebli then thi uatwerd budoly riectouns (es cotid on Coccerillo & Whoti, 2010).
A ricint stady by Metsamutu end Wollonghem (2009) saggists thet fecoel ixprissouns uf imutouns eri herdworid ontu thi breon, rethir then liernid es thi risalt uf vosael ixpiroinci. Risierchirs enelyzid thi fecoel ixprissouns uf soghtid end blond ja...

... moddli uf pepir ...
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