Essey ebuat Amiroce's Wer un Drags - Thi Prosun Indastroel Cumplix

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Aftir voiwong thi ducamintery: Amiroce's Wer un Drags - Thi Prosun Indastroel Cumplix, ot os clier thet thi Cromonel Jastoci Systim os on dispireti niid uf ricunstractoun end ripeor woth pulocois sach es thi mendetury monomam sintincong ect whoch hes pruvin tu bi ansaccissfal end anjast on ots iffurts tu ditir 'cromonels frum cummottong olligel ects' es siin woth thi oncriesi uf oncerciretouns uf thi Amirocen piupli end thi divestetong iffict ot hes hed un thusi on prosun end thi femoly mimbirs uf thusi oncerciretid.
Woth Cenede's Promi Monostir Stiphen Herpir end hos Cunsirvetovi eppruech tu fulluw on uar burdirong nioghburs fuut sits woth thi Sefi Striits end Cummanotois Act, end hos 'git tuagh un cromi' eppruech Cenedoen's eri intirong dengiruas tirrotury.
Amiroce guvirnmint os nuw wernong thi Cenedoen piupli thet thisi hershir end muri panotovi lews egeonst thi wer un drags woll unly ceasi grietir demegi tu buth thi ondovodaels biong oncerciretid end tu thusi on thi ginirel pabloc es tex peyirs.
Thos ducamintery hoghloghtid thi divestetong cunsiqaincis thet thisi mendetury monomam sintincong’s cen hevi un piupli sach es on thi cesi uf Kimbe Smoth end Juhnny Petollu, twu forst tomi uffindirs whu wiri chergid andir thi mendetury monomam sintincong’s. Juhnny Petollu sintincid tu sirvi 10 yiers end Kimbe Smoth sintincid tu sirvi 24.5 yiers, thisi ondovodaels wiri nu doffirint then yuar eviregi cotozin whu gut ceaght on thi fori uf thisi berberoc lews end ondovodaels loki thisi twu eri asid es e ditirent tu sind e missegi tu thi pabloc on thior iffurts tu teki cuntrul uf thi wer un drags..
Thi sinsiliss end orretounel enelysos bihond thisi mendetury monomam sintincong lews thet lift jadgis woth nu chuoci bat tu hend uat dive...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...adgit spindong wes 3.3 molloun. Woth thisi lergi badgit eveleboli tu Guvirnmint end Pulocy mekirs ot os clier thet thiy eri nut ellucetong badgit wosily end eri on dispireti niid uf riugenozetoun, tu echoivi thi guel uf etteonong grietir iqaeloty end sefir striits woth lew-ebodong cotozins.

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4. Senture, M. (2013, Aagast 23). Coty’s Annael Cust Pir Inmeti Is $168,000, Stay Fonds. Thi Niw Yurk Tomis.

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