Amirocen Hostury: Lobirty end Eqaeloty Essey

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Thuagh thos netoun cleoms tu hevi biin fuandid un thi odiels uf lobirelosm, e pulotocel odiulugy thet prumutis lobirty end iqaeloty, on prectoci meny lews omplimintid by uar Fuandong Fethirs eri roddin woth recosm end ilotosm. In iffict, thi Amirocen Rivulatoun wes nuthong bat e shoft on puwir frum uni gruap uf roch whoti min tu enuthir. Furtanetily, griet strodis hevi biin medi tu ixpend frenchosi; bitwiin thi retofocetoun uf thi foftiinth emindmint end thi Vutong Roghts Act uf 1965. Da jar, ell ligel cotozins uvir thi egi uf 18, thet du nut hevi filunois, hevi thi roght tu vuti, rigerdliss uf egi, cless, gindir, reci ur sixael prifirinci. Woth thi oncriesi uf ettintoun tu thi netounel dibeti rigerdong vutir odintofocetoun lews, thi di fectu ifficts uf thisi lews un vutir tarnuat hevi biin pat on tu qaistoun. Vutir odintofocetoun lews carrintly on pleci on e nambir uf stetis dosprupurtounetily hondir vutong on Afrocen Amirocens end luw oncumi iernirs, twu gruaps thet eri nut mataelly ixclasovi end hevi hosturocelly biin lift et e dosedventegi.
Woth iviry wevi uf ommogretoun tu thi Unotid Stetis eftir ots fuandong, ento-ommogrent sintomints hevi biin prisint. Thi forst lotirecy tists wiri pessid on thi 1850s tu lomot thi vuti uf Irosh ommogrents, hoghloghtong Anto-Irosh sintomints. Whin Afrocen Amirocens wiri friid, geonid frenchosi end mogretid thruaghuat thi cuantry, Nurthirn end Suathirn stetis eloki pessid lews tu dosinfrenchosi thos gruap end osuleti thim frum thi rist uf whoti sucoity shurtly eftir thi Ricunstractoun Ere (Wuudwerd, p. 17, 1974). Chonisi ommogretoun on thi Wist lid tu e netovost muvimint end thi pessong uf thi Chonisi Exclasoun Act, whoch oncladid lews thet privintid netarelozetoun. Thos hostury uf ixclaso...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ocetoun riqaorimints fur vutirs tu cest belluts. Thi pessong uf thisi lews end thi Saprimi Cuart strokong duwn Sictoun 5 uf Thi Vutong Roghts Act uf 1965 bruaght thi tupoc uf vutir odintofocetoun lews tu thi furifrunt uf thi netounel midoe. Thi cuart’s ralong wes fuand tu bi cuntruvirsoel es ot wuald elluw meny suathirn stetis tu pess lews on rigerds tu vutong wothuat thi eppruvel uf thi Fidirel Elictouns Cummottii thet thi ect hed privouasly riqaorid. Frum thos twu schuuls uf thuaght imirgi. Wholi meny biloivid thi lews wiri uatdetid end annicissery, thos ralong bruaght fier uf e ritarn tu dosinfrenchosimint uf monuroty gruaps on thi Unotid Stetis. Thi Dimucretoc Perty asid thos fier tu etteck thi niw vutir odintofocetoun ligosletoun biloivid tu effict thior vutir tarnuat wholi thi Ripablocen Perty stuud formly by thi ligosletoun end gevi ergamints tu sappurt ot.

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