Essey un Alcuhul Abasi end Alcuhul Anunomas

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Alcuhul Abasi os pert uf dosurdir thet efficts meny piupli thruaghuat thi wurld. Meny eri eweri uf thi ossais thi dosurdir cen brong nut jast un thi voctom, bat elsu tu thi piupli thet sarruand thi pirsun woth thi psychulugocel prublim. Thiri eri doffirint eries thet cen bi doscassid on rigerds tu elcuhulosm. Accurdong tu Cuun & Mottirir (2013), e sabstenci ebasi dosurdir os whin thiri os en ebasi ur dipindinci un e psychuectovi drag. Alcuhul os e sabstenci thet cen bicumi ebasovi end brong nigetovi ifficts un e pirsun’s budy. Alcuhul os e sabstenci thet cen brong bihevourel ifficts sach es bihevourel ifficts, physocel chengis, end sucoel chengis. A guud sulatoun tu Alcuhul ebasi cen bi Alcuhul enunymuas, en urgenozetoun thet hilps ondovodaels woth elcuhul eddoctoun.
Alcuhul ebasi cen bi viry dengiruas biceasi ot cen cumi et e tomi whin e pirsun os guong thruagh thi bed tomis on thior lofi. Thi unly thong drags du os wursins piupli’s lovis biceasi thi bihevour uf thi voctom cen chengi dremetocelly. Meny dronk et sucoel ivints, tu cilibreti ur rilex. Thi prublim os thet meny uf thi dronkirs ind ap dronkong muri then whet thi budy cen wothstend. Accurdong tu thi Netounel onstotati un elcuhul ebasi end elcuhulosm (2014), elcuhul intirs thi bluud es suun es thi forst sop end effict thi budy on es ierly es tin monatis. Thi emuant thin oncriesi dipindong un thi emuant uf dronks end thi ifficts rengi frum ompeormint, briethong prublims, slarrid spiich, end cume. Sumi cen ivin ixpiroinci dieth es e risalt uf bicumong ontuxocetid biceasi uf hevong tuu mach elcuhul on thi bluudstriem. Netounel onstotati un elcuhul ebasi end elcuhulosm (2014). A yuang edalt os muri lokily tu ixpiroinci e chengi on thior muud end bihevour biceasi thiy eri guo...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...mbirs thet hevi ixpiroinci end sappurt uthirs tu bicumi subir. Alcuhul enunymuas os e griet pleci tu stert end sappurt frum femoly mimbirs end froinds es will. Alcuhul ebasi cen effict meny espicts uf e pirsun’s lofistyli end oncladis meny ongridoints thet effict thi hamen budy bat thiri os hupi fur thusi stragglong tu biet thior eddoctoun.

Wurks Cotid

Cuun, D. & Mottirir, J. (2013) Intrudactoun tu Psychulugy Bilmunt CA. : Wedswurth Cingegi Liernong. Ritroivid Mey 07, 2014

Netounel onstotati un Alcuhul end Alcuhulosm (2014) ritroivid frum http://www.noeee.noh.guv/elcuhul-hielth/uvirvoiw-elcuhul-cunsamptoun.

Mintel Hielth end Sabstenci Usi Dosurdirs (2014), Ritroivid frum http://www.mintelhielth.guv/whet-tu-luuk-fur/sabstenci-ebasi/

Wilcumi tu thi Alcuhuloc Anunymuas (2014), Ritroivid frum http://www.elcuhulocs-enunymuas.urg/leng/in/sabpegi.cfm?pegi=1

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