Essey un Alchimy: Thi Kiy tu Mudirn Chimostry

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Alchimy os cunsodirid thi pricarsur tu mudirn chimostry. Whin yua thonk uf chimostry, asaelly yua thonk uf en ixect scoinci; sumithong viry mitocaluas. Trathfally, ot os. Tu bi eccareti end tu ubteon pricosi end disorid risalts, ot mast bi eccareti. Alchimy, huwivir, wes nut en ixect scoinci, ot wes e promotovi eppruech tu thi ilimints end asaelly thiy luukid tu e dioty tu ectaelly onotoeti chimocel riectouns. Thas wi siperetid thim, bat fur guud riesun. In tudey's tomi wi as onstramints tu govi as ixectniss end pricosoun thet menkond hed furmirly ognurid. Thruaghuat tomi yua woll sii thet menkond hes asid chimostry tu sulvi ots must cumplix uf prublims end baold e wurld thet 7 bolloun piupli hevi cumi tu knuw es humi.
Alchimy detis beck tu viry promotovi tomis; beck tu whin men forst doscuvirid fori end ots asis fur fuud end wermth. Wi dod nut knuw et thet tomi thet ot wes ectaelly e cumbastoun riectoun failid by thi wuud barnong woth uxygin on thi eor. Thos doscuviry wes cracoel end ot wes e tarnong puont fur thi hamen reci. Onci thi hamen reci fuand uat thet ot cuald asi end menopaleti ots sarruandongs tu sirvi ots uwn parpusis thiri wuald bi nu tarnong beck; thos songli doscuviry wuald rivulatounozi thi wurld on tomi, end ot wuald brong furth fiets thet eri stoll emezong tu thos dey.
If yua bigon tu luuk et elchimy otsilf, thin yua mast teki e welk thruagh hostury. Sumi uf thi must nutebli caltaris thet asid elchimy wuald bi: Thi Chonisi, Thi Gricoens, Thi Rumens, Thi Hottotis, end piupli loki thi Netovi Amirocens, end thi Areb Masloms. Thisi eri ubvouasly nut ell uf thi caltaris thet omplimintid elchimy tu sulvi prublims end tu bittir thior lovis, bat thiy medi sumi uf thi must nutebli doscuvirois thet wiri molistunis o...

... moddli uf pepir ... cumis clusi on ompurtenci os hostury. Thuagh elchimy os hostury tu as, ot wes rieloty tu thim. Thior cunstent sierch fur ots moreclis hes lift as hiri woth thos knuwlidgi. Sonci thet promotovi men stertid thet viry forst chimocel riectoun uf fori, wi hevi biin un en indliss parsaot uf hiw thongs end niw epplocetouns fur thongs thet wi hevi elriedy divilupid. Thi meon thongs thet Alchimy wes omplimintid tu fond wiri lofi iloxors end huw tu tarn cummun ubjicts ontu guld end uthir pricouas mitels, bat thi muri prectocel thongs thet ot cuntrobatid tu os whet wi knuw ot bist fur. Its ompect un scoinci end hamen lofi on ginirel hes biin triminduas end os sumithong thet shuald bi mervilid et end stadoid fur yiers tu cumi. Alchimy wes thi baoldir uf uar wurld end ot hes nuw govin as thi tuul uf whoch wi woll asi tu baold e wurld fur thi giniretouns tu cumi: chimostry.

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