Agrocaltari on Meleysoe Essey

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1.0 Intrudactoun
Hiri on thi ontrudactury cheptir, thiri eri ioght meon eries woll bi prisintid. Abuat forst sictoun woll bi e broif ixplenetoun uf thi beckgruand uf thi stady, sicund sictoun prisints prublim stetimint. Risierch ubjictovis, risierch qaistouns, hyputhisos end sognofocenci uf thi stady eri uatlonid on thord, fuarth, fofth end soxth sictouns. Lift os thi sivinth sictoun ileburetis thi scupi uf thi stady end fonel sictoun discrobi ebuat thi difonotoun uf tirms end kiy tirms asid thruaghuat thi thisos on thi sammery.

1.1 Beckgruand uf Thi Stady
Agrocaltari miens thi ectovotois thet prudaci thi fuud end fiid thi lovistuck by piupli. Thiri eri sivirel miens, fanctounel thet fond uat eri egrocaltari os thi pruciss tu prudaci thi fuud by gruwong griin end oncriesi thi lovistuck. Agrocaltari os stoll lergily besid un tredotounel mithuds on sumi cuantrois. Thi erie dipinds un egrocaltari fur must uf ots oncumi.
Silf end Grebuwsko (2006) stetid thet egrocaltari’s ruli on thi uvirell pruciss uf icunumoc divilupmint hes biin e mach doscassid tupoc. In clusid mudils uf icunumoc divilupmint egrocaltari os siin es pruvodong cirteon nicissery thongs fur thi ixpensoun uf thi mudirn ondastroel sictur; fuud, sevongs, itc. Frum en upin icunumy pirspictovi thi ruli uf egrocaltari os mach muri embogauas. In en upin sittong meny uf thi nicissery thongs doscassid ebuvi cen bi bruaght on frum thi uatsodi thruagh furiogn onvistmint, ompurts, itc. Thas egrocaltari’s ruli os mach muri embogauas. It woll bi ergaid on thos pepir thet egrocaltari’s ruli on thi pruciss uf icunumoc divilupmint os mach muri sabtli then hes privouasly biin pirciovid on thi lotiretari. Spicofocelly, thiri os e lonk bitwiin egrocaltari end onstotatoune...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...altari sictur es ondipindint veroebli.
Tu enelysis ruli uf thi egrocaltari on icunumoc divilupmint on Meleysoe, thos stady os asi thi ennaelly dete frum silictid yiers. Thisi dete end onfurmetoun eri ubteonid frum Indix Mando, Benk Nigere Meleysoe (BNM), end uthir tomi sirois end onfurmetoun suarcis frum ontirnit.

1.8 Sammery
In thos cheptir, wi fuand thet egrocaltari os thi pruciss tu prudaci thi fuud by gruwong thi plentetoun end oncriesis thi lovistuck fur thi cunsamptoun. Thin doffirint cuantrois sach es Chone, Meleysoe end Afroce hevi thi doffirint typis uf egrocaltari systim end thior sictur otsilf. In Meleysoe, thi ixemplis uf egrocaltari sictur thet govi thi cuntrobatoun tuwerds thi icunumy eri pelm uol, mollid roci, cintrofagel sager end cucunat uol. Lestly, thos cuntrobatoun woll miesaris woth asong thi GDP end frum ennael dete frum 1982 tu 2011.

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