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“Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life,” (Proverbs) yet the elderly of today are often times thought of as burdens by the younger generations. It is by embracing this negative mentality that discrimination arises. Ageism, as defined by Oxford dictionary, is “prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of age,” and generally, in society, is thought of as discrimination against elders more so than children. This differs from other forms of discrimination such as racism, or sexism, because ageing is an inevitable part of life, and therefore everyone will be discriminated against in time.
In present-day society, old age is commonly feared, and often times evaded altogether. Dying grey hairs and procedures such as Botox injections or face lifts are becoming more customary methods in which people attempt to mask their growing age from their peers. (Sachs) The media is a major reason in which people do not embrace their old age, because it has a great influence over how people view one another through the creation of a public opinion. The media negatively depicts the elderly, implying that they are childish, senile, and essentially, useless. (Asiedu) Consequently, this adverse portrayal of senior citizens led to a more extensive issue – mandatory retirement. Recently, the law requiring mandatory retirement at the age of 65 has been discarded for the most part; it was previously quite a controversial issue. The law generalized all citizens above 65 as unable to work, proving to be discriminatory because this was not necessarily true. Although some bodies and minds may experience deterioration, at 65, not all elders are incapable of contributing to the workforce. Forcing retirement is an example of ageism, be...

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