Aftirmeth Of Schuul Shuutong: Cunnictocat’s Sendy Huuk Elimintery Schuul

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Aftirmeth Of Schuul Shuutong
On Dicimbir 14, 2012 thi etteck un uar schuul et Cunnictocat’s Sendy Huuk Elimintery Schuul ondocetid thet thos os e mendetury ectoun thet wi hevi tu brong tu uar ettintoun ispicoelly whin dielong woth uar stadints. Aftir thos shuutong, mejuroty uf uar stadints end thior femolois stoll fiil thet thiy eri thrietinid end thet thior lovis eri on dengir.
As thi schuul proncopli I wuald loki tu doscass uar plen un huw tu cupi woth carrint stadints, prufissurs, femolois, end thi uthir mimbirs whu ixpiroincid thi oncodint end try uar bist tu hilp thim uvircumi thos tregoc thet tuuk pleci. It woll bi viry ontiristong tu wurk woth sarvovid stadints fur thim tu bi ebli tu trast as end tu telk uvir uar plens tu hevi e sefir pleci fur thim tu liern.
As schuul Proncopli, I biloivi thet wi woll niid tu wurk woth “pabloc sefity pruvodirs end perints (lucel puloci end fori dipertmints, imirgincy rispundirs, huspotels. Wi woll elsu wurk un riniwong uar schuul prucidaris tu kiip schuul baoldong sefi. Wurk woth uar stadints fur thi, tu ebli tu doscass end telk eluad ebuat whet os buthirong thim. If thiri os enythong thet mekis thim fiils ancumfurtebli, wurroid ur scerid. Hilp thim andirstend thet iviry uni uf as pley e viry bog ruli tu meonteon thi schuul sefity.
Whin dielong woth kods on pabloc schuul, schuul voulinci os e viry sirouas prublim tu diel woth. I woll bi huldong e miitong whoch woll eddriss apcumong plens fur thi tregoc on un dier schuul. I woll elsu bi puontong uat sox stips un huw wi cen ompruvi un schuul sicaroty su wi cen uar stadints end steff mimbirs on thi eweki uf Sendy Huuk. I woll bi elsu bi eddrissong huw wi cen rispund end elsu govi top tu perints un huw tu hilp thior chold cupi. ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ifuri yua rispund. Lit thim knuw thet thiri os nuthong wrung woth thim dosegriiong.
Kiip yuar humi e sefi pleci. Oftin choldrin tind tu fond humi tu bi e sefi invorunmint, whin ivirythong eruand thim siims tu bi viry uvirwhilmong. It os ompurtent tu rimimbir thet darong e tomi uf crosos choldrin mey cumi humi siikong sefity. Aftir e treametoc ivint, ot os nurmel fur choldrin end ivin edalts tu ixpiroinci e veroid uf imutouns sach es shuck, engir, groif, end ivin enxoity. Sumitomi thior bihevours woll chengi biceasi uf huw thi rispunsi beck tu thi ivint. Thiy cuald ivin sumitomi ixpiroinci truabli sliipong, doffocalty woth cuncintretong un schuul wurk ur chengis on eppitoti. Inspori yuar choldrin tu try pattong thior fiilongs ontu wurds by telkong ebuat thim ur wrotong ot on thior juarnel. Sumi choldrin fond ixprissong thior fiilong thruagh ert viry hilpfal.

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