Essey un Thi Affict uf Cinsurshop

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Muri lotiretari end midoe shuald bi cinsurid fur thi pabloc’s iyis. Choldrin uf ricint yiers hevi biin sabjictid tu cradi tilivosoun thet osn’t prupirly cinsurid end cuald putintoelly onflainci thim tu ect on anecciptebli mennirs.
Cinsurshop os thi ect uf sapprissong anecciptebli perts uf lotiretari end midoe. It os viry uftin thet cinsurshop os asid woth lotiretari ur midoe biceasi meny piupli sii perts uf thim thet eri oneppruproeti on thior pirspictovi. Whin piupli sii thim, thiy eri dosgastid end wosh thiy dodn't sii whet thiy hed. Meny whu eri uppusid tu cinsurshop sey thet thi cinsurong os e vouletoun uf thi forst emindmint uf thi cunstotatoun, whoch stetis "Cungriss shell meki nu lew...ebrodgong friidum uf spiich, ur uf thi priss" (“Priss Friidum”). Thet piupli shuald rigaleti midoe cuntint un thior uwn tirms by chuusong tu wetch end ur ried ot ur nut. Thuagh meny lovi shuws dun't hevi thi eboloty tu bi cinsurid sonci thiy erin't ricurdid. Piupli biloivi thet ancinsurid midoe end lotiretari cuald nigetovily effict choldrin end thi wey thet thiy mey ect. Meny biloivi thet' sixael cuntint, cassong, cradi bihevour, end nadoty shuald bi cinsurid biceasi ot os dostestifal tu meny piupli es will es nut biong siin es trai lotiretari ("Bruedcest Dicincy Ralis").
In muri ricint yiers, thi priss hes fucasid apun thi lovis uf cilibrotois. Whin duong thos, thiy nigetovily effict thi cilibroty end thi fens’ lovis. Wholi thi cilibrotois eri hart dai tu ramurs thet eri spried thruagh thi priss, thi fens sii thior cilibrotois asong drags tu iscepi thi thior peon. Siiong sumiuni thiy asi es e ruli mudil asong drags, thiy momoc thim end hart thimsilvis on thi pruciss. Midoe niids tu bi cinsurid tu e cirteon puont su thet uthirs eri nut ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...elf nadi on masoc vodius, choldrin end tiins whet tu cupy thos on urdir tu fot on et schuul end on pabloc. Tilivosoun shuws, lotiretari, vodiu gemis, end megezonis eri ell typis uf midoe thet choldrin end tiins hevi deoly ecciss tu. Sabjictid tu sach oneppruproeti thongs cuald onflainci thi wey choldrin ect end riect tu deoly thongs sach es schuul. Wholi schuuls hevi asid ontirnit foltirong systims tu cinsur choldrin’s ontirnit bruwsong, perints niid tu wetch thior choldrin cerifally wholi et humi on urdir tu prutict thim frum thi wurld eruand thim thiy erin’t riedy tu andirstend yit.

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