The Advantages of Internet Use for Education

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The Advantages of Internet Use for Education

In the past few years, Indonesia has experienced the integration of the internet into society. This situation has created their presence in the market with taking us to the aim of this study that for know the reasons of university student on using internet for education. The data of benefits of using Internet for Education were collected and analyzed by using questioner comprised of 400 papers were collected and compared, it was performed by spreading the questionnaires to the two specific area at exact time in Pelita Harapan University, Lippo Karawaci and Trisakti University, Jakarta as sample to gain the senses. As the results, 31.50% of students said about they using internet because of internet was very easy to used , 27.75% said that internet cheaper then others, 23.00% said internat faster when use to search data, and 17.75% said that internet was better then library. Using internet for education as a facilities is very important thing because it make much advantages compared by another facilities.

In the past few years, Indonesia has experienced the integration of the internet into society. And it was rapidly growing; even the students in big cities had used it to help them doing their assignment. Many schools and universities have internet on their computers to support their activities. And some of them have their own website to make the communication between students with school and students with students become easier.
Several researches have been studied about the benefits of using internet in studying. Gatot Subroto (2004) found that school magazine is very useful for the students as a medium to learn about self expression, put their idea, and moreover they can use it for communication media with the environment and the benefit for the school, they can make a communication with their alumni, who can give suggestions for the school. Heinich (1986) identified six types of studying interaction that can be implicated: drill and practice, tutorial, games, simulation, discovery, and problem solving.

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KopWil (1999) observed that internet for studying is very useful for education in Indonesia because of its geographic condition. This can be used to make standardization for education of other educational associations. Besides the benefits above, there is another one that makes a very huge effect: using internet for education can help students when make their assignment. Although much work has been done to date, more studies need to be conducted to as certain the effect of using internet for education.
The purpose of the research reported here was to determine whether or not the using of internet for education can make benefits. This topic was identified as being importance to schools in set aside or not their school with internet facility.

The data of benefits of using Internet for Education were collected and analyzed by using questioner comprised of 400 papers were collected and compared. This questioner separate into two groups of distributing, one group collected in Trisakti University and the other from Pelita Harapan University. These centers accept only student majoring Industrial Engineering in Pelita Harapan University and Trisakti University. Thus, each opinion of the subject was insured.
The subjects were selected student of each University by using random sampling method. The First activity was numbered every student of each University from the list. After every student have their number, wrote it at a piece of paper and collect them into a bucket. For the random sample data, researcher must get 400 of them by picked up one by one form the bucket. 200 from Trisakti University and another 200 picked from Pelita Harapan University. Random sampling data get from student whose have the number which picked up by researcher.
The test instrument employed in this study was a continued version of the journal ¡§Internet untuk Pembelajaran¡¨ (Drs. Hardjito. M.Si, 2002), It consists of a set of 400 questioners, each of which contains one pages questioner, one black pen. The data collected representing fluctuation of answers about the benefits using internet for education.
The questionnaires were arranged by multiple choices. The first question were only have two answers between ¡§yes¡¨ or ¡§no¡¨ in ever using internet for education or not. This question were to know whether people knew about the benefit of internet for education that became more popular in Indonesia lately. If this question were answered by ¡§no¡¨, they couldn¡¦t answer the next question. The sampling of those who answered ¡§no¡¨ would be taken if they picked one of the answers in second question because even they had never using internet, they never knew the advantage of using internet for education. Otherwise, they were assumed to be not valid.
The second question had four choices that were particularly answering this research. The four choices were four majors activity student using internet. This were also able to compare all of it. If the respondents did not pick answer ¡§Educational Browsing¡¨ from the choices in second question, their data were not taken to the sampling and also they could not answer the third question.
The third question had three choices for the reason of using internet for educational need that answered in the second question. They were ¡§Low price¡¨, ¡§Easier searching that I need¡¨ and ¡§More Complete reference then I search in Library¡¨. This question were to know the respondent¡¦s consideration of using internet. When using this type of questioner reseacher needs more questioner that filled by respondent because of non-valid questioner will be eliminated.
Every set of test questioner will gave to chosen student from each High School and they were brought into class room to fill the entire question on the questioner. Some of them were individually asked by researcher about the topic of research.
The test required asking student from first until third grade to indicate how much the internet known by high school student, the question which asked to test student related with question ask in questioner. Test administration required 30 until 45 minutes to full fill entire of question and little time for asking question.
The result of each question from all the respondents would be treated statistically by using the pie chart or diagram. This pie chart would show the result of each question in percentage, so it would determine what student do and the reason using internet for education so we can conclude the benefits using internet for education.

Using questioner help the researcher to collected data from the respondent perspective about their major reason using internet for education, and from them we could use it for computation data that will be explain in below.

The behavior of responsing first question made the validation for second question. They who had ever using internet usually directly responsed second question as their perspective. Otherwise who claimed had not ever using internet, they would only take a look from most of people perspective to response the question or they did not give their answer.

From Trisakti University Student perspective, Gaming were the largest places about 43% from all of activities. But Pelita Harapan University Student were preferred Using Internet for educational Browsing to the largest percentage about 32% from all the activities. Therefore, about responsing the purpose of this research, the Trisakti and Pelita Harapan University perspective were not to be separated in determining reason using internet for education. They were combining directly to know average of the reason. The student¡¦s perspective of using internet for education gave their own reasons that were shown in Figure 5 and 6. Figure 5 were shown most Trisakti University Student using internet for educational needs according to low price that had percentage about 29%. But in figure 6, most Pelita Harapan University Student using internet for educational needs because of it was easy searching and from percentage it reached about 34% from all the reasons.

The research finding most activities that university student done when using internet for educational needs is translated in the table 1 below. The most activities done by university students is Gaming, continued by Educational Browsing.
Table 1. Percentage of Major Activities University Student when Using Internet
Activities Mean Percentage
Chatting 23.75%
Gaming 36.25%
Educational Browsing 25.75%
Non-Educational Browsing 14.25%

And for the reason why university student preferred using internet for educational needs is Easy Searching reference
for university student to done their work and then followed by because of the Low Price. For the complete percentage of the reason translated in table 2

Table 2. Percentage of Major Reason University Student when Using Internet for Educational Needs
Reason Mean Percentage
Low Price 27.75%
Easy Searching 31.50%
Better Ref then Library 17.75%
Fast Searching 23.00%

From the original hypothesis by researcher the major reason for university students of using internet to motivate their activities on study are easy searching, low price, better than library, and faster. The using of internet become more popular because it¡¦s benefits. And it¡¦s not take consideration to their level, if they are on the first semester, second semester, or so on.
The findings, just like the original hypothesis, university student using internet to motivate their activities on study from the major to minor is because internet is easier when student searching about their useful
then they search it on the library and another way, intenet was so easy when used for searching data, because many company offered their help the user of internet to search data by search engine menu like They offer their customer to use search engine to search data from the yahoo dictionary, it was very useful
to user esspecially for university student that didn¡¦t knew where they must search data they need. Student just type the key word on the text box and klik search so yahoo automatically search from it¡¦s data that have low and high relationship with the word typed by user.
The study were just about the major reasons university students using internet for their education in Jakarta. Because students used internet for many reasons so for the every detail of it were not discussed in this section. In addition, it is important to emphasize that methodological problem in the research design limit our interpretations.


Status: ć Trisakti University Student ć Pelita Harapan University Student

The purpose of the questionnaire is to know the student preferences of four majors activity using internet for university Student and why are they love or like it. So, from this method, the research about activities and reason using internet for education in University student will be able to develop.

1. Have you ever using internet?
a.) Yes b.) No

2. What did you more often do when using internet among these below:
a.) Chatting
b.) Gaming
c.) Educational Browsing
d.) Non-Educational Browsing

3. Why are you use internet for educational needs?
a.) Low price
b.) Easier searching that I need
c.) More Complete reference then I search in Library
d.) Fast Searching

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