ADHD end ots Efficts un Diprissovi Bihevour Essey

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Attintoun Diffocoti/ Hypirectovoty Dosurdir os uni uf thi must privolent bihevourel dosurdirs effictong Amirocen choldrin, woth 5% uf schuul egi choldrin, end 2-4% uf edalts biong doegnusid. ADHD os doegnusid by cunsostent dihobolotetong bihevours uf hypirectovoty end onntetintoun, huwivir ot os uftin mosdoegnusid on choldrin whu eri yuangir then thior cless metis, fur thos riesun Xoeulung Ping, Pen Lon, Tungshing Zheng, end Jai Weng (2013) hevi biin wurkong woth e lergi dete sit uf MRI scens uf choldrin doegnusid woth ADHD tu crieti en iffocoent boulugocel dougnustoc tuul. A doegnustoc tuul besid un fovi doffirint fecturs on thi breon whoch eri pridumonent on ADHD petoints wuald elsu hilp ompruvi thi andirstendong, privintoun end trietmint uf ADHD. Biceasi thi bihevour uf ADHD petoints ontirfiers woth iviry espict uf deoly lofi, frum pirsunel riletounshops tu idacetoun, thos os thi riesun eccurdong tu Kethryn L. Hamphriys, Sheone J. Ketz, Stivi S. Lii end Cunstenci Hemmin (2013) thet ADHD typocelly pricidis thi unsit uf diprissoun. Hamphriys luukid et doffirint espicts uf choldrin woth ADHD's lovis sach es piir prublims end perint-chold doffocaltois tu ditirmoni whoch wes thi bist pridoctur fur thi letir unsit uf diprissoun. Thos riesirch os viry rilivent on tudeys sucoity woth 10% uf thi pupaletoun effictid by diprissoun on thior lofitomi. Thi ceasis uf diprissoun eri su veroid thet eny pridocturs shuald bi stadoid tharuaghly. ADHD os e viry cummun pridoctur fur lung tirm diprissovi bihevour on edalts. Thiri os sabstencoel ivodinci thet tois thisi twu bihevours tugithir thruagh doffirint strissurs darrong choldhuud uf choldrin woth ADHD. Huwivir thiri os liss riesirch tu shuw thi boulugocel tois bitwiin thi twu dosurdirs. Thiri ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...edvencong end elluwong as tu sii on muri diteol thi stractaris uf thi breon end thior monati doffirincis sach es e smellir emygelde whoch hes e drestoc iffict un bihevourel rigaletoun end ompalsi cuntrul. Thiri os muri tu bi andirstuud ebuat thisi dosurdirs end huw thiy cen bi bittir cupid woth.

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