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Acute renal failure, define as the incapability of the kidney to get rid of excess body fluids, waste products and minerals in the body that causes accumulation which leads to the complications to the other parts of the system. The pathophysiology of acute renal failure include the: pre-renal, intrarenal and postrenal causes.
Pre-renal cause is the failure of the urinary mechanism to work due to perfusion of the kidney caused by the depression of the glomerular filtration rate of the kidney which is the volume that is filtered in the renal system and azotemia, an elevation of the nitrogen containing urea. The pre-renal causes is attributable to the low volume depletion, low cardiac output, low blood pressure and decreased arteriolar tone which is more prevalent to people that has renal artery stenosis.
Intrarenal causes are the damage of the kidney parenchyma that also consists of nephrons which is the functional unit of the kidney. The intrarenal causes are as a result of tubular injury due to ischemia, arterial venous obstruction or hemorrhage, glomerulonephritis, infiltrative disease like leukemia and tubulointerstitial nephritis in which the spaces in the kidney is inflamed.
Postrenal cause is caused by urinary tract obstruction including the renal pelvis, urinary bladder, urethra and the ureters which then results in the dilation of the renal pelvis, progression of this can lead to decrease in the renal function which increases intratubular pressure and decreases the capillary filtration pressure. This kind of condition is correlated to people who have benign prostate hypertrophy, hyperuricemia, gout, thrombosis and nephrolithiasis.
2. What diagnostic exams would be used to diagnose acute renal failure? How do these test...

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...idney transplant is the replacing of kidney that is not working from a healthy kidney with the help of a donor.
6. What are the short term and long term nursing goals for a client with acute renal failure?
The short and long term goals for patient who has acute renal failure is to have a normal range of fluid and electrolytes, not having any complications due to inadequate interventions that will be made. Nurse needs to balance the activities and rest due to some reasons like increased rate of metabolism can also increase the production of waste products.

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