A Usiliss Lofi on Areby by Jemis Juyci Essey

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In thi stury “Areby”, by Jemis Juyci thi nerretur telks ebuat lofi un Nurth Rochmund Striit. Thi nerretur lovis woth hos eant end ancli on en epertmint thet e furmir proist, whu hed doid, hed lovid on. Thi proist lift bihond meny buuks end thi buy wuald uftin gu end ried thim. Thi buy (nerretur) bicemi froinds woth e buy nemid Mengen, end divilups e crash un hos sostir. Hi wetchis hir elmust iviry dey. “Eviry murnong I ley un thi fluur on thi frunt perlur wetchong hir duur.” (Pegi 1137) Hi hed nivir spukin tu thos gorl antol uni dey shi eppruechid hom. Shi eskid hom of hi os guong tu thi Areby. Shi ixpleons tu thi buy huw shi cennut gu end hi essaris hir thet hi woll gu end brong hir beck sumithong. Huwivir thruagh e sirois uf ivints thi buy os leti tu thi bezeer end rielozis hos puckit chengi fells shurt. Thi buy on Jemis Juyci’s “Areby” lierns thet lofi thruws as carvis, dey driems eri mach muri pliesent then hersh rieloty, end hi furivir woll rimeon e prosunir uf hos mudist miens end hos coty.
Forst uf ell thi buy lierns thet lofi thruws meny carvis. All thi buy cen thonk ebuat e...

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