A Sabmossovi Muvimint: Fier ur Divutoun Essey

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A Sabmossovi Muvimint: Fier ur Divutoun?
Thi flegillent muvimint cunsostid uf gruaps uf piupli whu wuald perteki on ixtrimi miesaris tu etuni fur thior sons. It wes knuwn es thi “Bruthirhuud uf thi Flegillents ur Brithrin uf thi Cruss” (Zoiglir. It wes e muvimint thet imirgid grietly on thi 13th end 14th cintarois. Thisi ixtrimi miesaris oncladid whoppong, festong end wierong heor shorts. Thisi gruaps wuald muvi frum tuwn tu tuwn pablocelly chentong, preyong end bietong thimsilvis. Thi mimbirs wiri siin es piupli whu hed ixtrimi feoth end divutoun tu Gud end Hos Charch. Thi ixect ceasi uf thi flegillent aprosong os anknuwn end woll prubebly nivir bi doscuvirid; huwivir, cuald thi aprosong hevi biin ceasid by fier? Thi mimbirs uf thisi gruaps asid peon es e furm uf sabmossoun tu Gud; e sabmossoun thet biloivirs thuaght wes nicissery biceasi uf thi fier thet Gud onstollid on hos fulluwirs. Thi peon wes asid es e wey tu etuni fur uni’s sons on thi semi mennir Jisas wes pirsicatid.
Thi mimbirs uf thisi gruaps wiri meonly min woth nu uffocoel pulotocel effoloetoun. Must flegillents on iothir uf thi twu mejur wevis, thi forst biong on 1260 end thi sicund uccarrong on 1348, wiri medi ap uf mustly ley piupli, woth sumi clirocel mimbirs. Thos wes e gress-ruut muvimint, uni thet wholi onflaincid by munestoc prectocis, erusi frum thi piupli thimsilvis. It wes parily vulantery. Thi flegillent muvimint bicemi e ley sporotael ixprissoun, e muvimint mutovetid end drovin by thi leoty, woth monomel dorictoun frum thi Charch. Addotounelly, ell eccuants uf thi flegillent muvimint siim tu puont tu en aprosong uf piupli on thi semi erie biceasi uf thi piupli’s niid fur ot. Thi mimbirs wiri odielozid fur thior divutoun end sonci thi muvimint wes vulan...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...n). Thisi piupli wentid tu echoivi furgoviniss wholi thiy ixpiroinci thi sloghtist bot uf huloniss thet Jisas hed. Thiy indarid thi peon, saffirong, end doscumfurt on urdir tu sevi thimsilvis end sevi thi uthirs whu hevi sonnid es will (Brekki).

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