A Phenomenal Figure: Jean-Jacques Rousseau Essay

A Phenomenal Figure: Jean-Jacques Rousseau Essay

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A Phenomenal Figure: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The enlightenment era was a time where many philosophers lived. Their works helped benefit society and the bewilderment the state lived in. In this era, enlightenment thinkers were identified to give basis to philosophy that was independent from tradition, culture and religion. These philosophers were known to have written theories on politics, education, society, nature, nurture, etc. A critical philosopher from that era who attacked all these ideas and many more was Jean Jacques Rousseau. Rousseau was born in Geneva in 1712; his mother died nine days after conceiving him, while his father abandoned him at the age of ten. Rousseau’s uncle took parental control over the young Rousseau and eventually sent him to a religious schooling facility. Aside from theories and philosophy, Rousseau enjoyed plays and operas; he even created his own pieces in the genre. Rousseau is one of the greatest figures and phenomenon of his era and this can be seen through his work, theories, and commitment.

While attending school as a youth, Rousseau hated how he was treated by higher figures and administers. He fled from Geneva at the age of sixteen because he didn’t like the way the authorities treated him, he eventually found himself in Annecy. This formed his prime judgments of law and made him focus his attention towards politics. He wanted people to be treated equally and have more rights. Rousseau argued that society was a lawless nature that humans abandoned for benefits and material goods. Laws were created for social development, division of labour and private property according to Rousseau. He states many of these arguments in his most influential work of political philosophy known as The S...

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