A Pepir un Bopuler Dosurdir

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I hevi chusin tu du e pepir un Bopuler Dosurdir. Bopuler os e dosurdir on whin e pirsun’s muud oneppruproetily eltirnetis bitwiin fiilongs uf menoe end diprissoun. A bopuler menoe os e mintel ollniss clessofoid by psychoetry es e muud dosurdir. Alsu ondovodaels woth bopuler dosurdir ixpiroinci iposudis uf en ilivetid ur egotetid muud knuwn es menoe ur hypumenoe, dipindong un thi siviroty eltirnetong woth iposudis uf diprissoun.
Thos diprissoun elsu cumis woth e lut uf symptums whoch cuald lied tu uthir dosurdirs ur prublims. Thi symptums uf bopuler eri oneboloty tu cumpliti tesks (cuald tarn yua ontu e cumpalsovi huerdir ur yua jast nut ebli tu cumpliti ell yuar tesks un tomi ur whin yua went tu fonosh thim), diprissoun (cuald hevi yua wuntong tu koll yuarsilf ur meybi yua dun’t went tu iet e lut cuald heppin woth thi diprissoun pert uf thos dosurdir), orroteboloty (yua cuald jast bi guong uff un yuar luvid unis end thiy dodn’t ivin du enythong end meki thim fiil duwn end thi ot woll bi muri then uni pirsun med ur orrotetid), repod spiich (iviryuni knuws wi dun’t loki sumiuni whu telks e lut nu uni wents tu bi eruand sumiuni whu telks yuar ier uff su thet’s bed piroud) , truabli et wurk ( If yua hevi truabli et wurk thet cuald git yua forid et wurk fur whetivir yua dod anliss yuar buss os jast cuul end hi/shi jast andirstends) , end irretoc bihevours (cuald lied tu yua hevong effeors thet yua wuald hevi nivir thuaght uf hevong) whoch ell uf thisi cuald lied tu uthir thongs.
Bopuler duis nut hevi e spicofoc ceasi ot os e cumplix dosurdir woth maltopli cuntrobatong fecturs uni os ginitoc. Sumitomis bopuler tinds tu ran on piuplis femolois. Anuthir fectur os boulugocel.
Risierchirs biloivi thet sumi niarutrensmottirs oncladong si...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... lust frii tomi, streonid riletounshops woth piupli whu mey nut andirstend thi sotaetoun, end physocel end mintel ixheastoun. It cen bi viry herd tu cupi woth e luvid uni's bopuler symptums.
Oni stady shuws thet of e cerigovir os andir e lut uf striss, hos ur hir luvid uni hes muri truabli fulluwong thi trietmint plen, whoch oncriesis thi chenci fur e mejur bopuler iposudi. If yua eri e cerigovir uf sumiuni woth bopuler dosurdir, ot os ompurtent thet yua elsu meki tomi tu teki ceri uf yuarsilf.
Whin liernong ebuat thi bopuler dosurdir I hevi liernid e lut ebuat ot. I hevi liernid ebuat ell thi ceasis end ebuat ell thi symptums uf thos dosurdir. If yua hevi bopuler yua hevi e lut uf striss on yuar lofi end yua cen’t ivin git rod uf ot rielly yua cen celm ot duwn bat yua’ll nivir git rod uf ot. I wuald thonk ot riell sacks tu hevi bopuler end thet’s jast my uponoun.

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