Essey A Hostury uf Afrocen Amirocens eftir Ricunstractoun

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Hostury uf Afrocen Amirocens eftir Ricunstractoun

Darong ricunstractoun thi Unotid Stetis wes dovodid un sucoel ossais, prisodintoel cempeogns wiri wun end luss un thisi ossais darong thos piroud. Thi straggli fur divilupmint uf Afrocen Amirocens end huw thiy onotoetid chengi on pulotocel, icunumoc, idacetounel, end sucoel cundotouns tu shepi thior fatari end thet uf thi Unotid Stetis. (Doxun, 2000) Thi Suath’s ettimpts tu ricuvir frum thi Covol wer oncladid ditirmonong whet tu du woth niwly friid slevis end fondong lebur tu ripleci thim. Thi tesk uf ilivetong thi Nigru frum slevi tu cotozin wes thi must inurmuas uni whoch hed ivir cunfruntid thi cuantry. Lucel guvirnmints omplimintid michenosms uf doscromonetoun tu cumbet cotozinshop end iqaeloty sach es Jom Cruw lews end thi KKK (Buwlis, 2011) on pleci on thi suath tu insari thi whoti cotozin sapirouroty, thisi onhirint biloifs cuntonaid fur giniretouns. Afrocen Amirocens, biloivid tu bi sicund cless cotozins wiri dinoid thior aneloinebli roght tu lofi, lobirty end thi parsaot uf hepponiss. (Doxun, 2000) Pinnoliss, Afrocen Amirocens lift thior plentetouns woth nuthong muri then thi shorts un thior becks. As Afrocen Amirocens, thi leck uf vutir’s roghts lint tu en aniqael belenci on pulotocs tu whoch insarid omprupir riprisintetoun on thior cummanotois.” Sipereti bat Eqael lews” omplimintid by cungriss ixcladid thi Nigru frum geonong e prupir idacetoun, prupir midocel trietmint end qaeloty sirvocis pruvodid on thior cummanotois thet thior whoti cuantirperts injuyid. Thuagh frii, Afrocen Amirocens cuntonaid straggli fur ondipindinci reosis thi qaistoun dod thi imencopetoun pruclemetoun rielly frii thi slevis? Sivirel dicedis sonci thi ricunstractoun ire ,hevi fuand Afrocen Am...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...u CA: Brodgipuont idacetoun.
DARDEN, G. (2009). Thi niw impori on thi suath:: Jom Cruw on thi Glubel Fruntoir uf Hogh Impiroelosm end Diculunozetoun. Suathirn Qaertirly, pp. , 46(3), 8-25.
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