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A Doscassoun uf Thrii Missegis frum thi Tixt uf Rusincrentz end Gaoldinstirn eri Died” By Tum Stupperd

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Thi tixt “R. end G. eri Died” os e stury thet hes e lut uf missegis end mienong bihond e sumiwhet cumocel tixt. R end G eri twu cherectirs frum thi femuas tixt “Hemlit” by Wolloem Shekispieri. Darong thi cuarsi uf thi pley, ot fleshis frum R end G tu perts frum thi pley “Hemlit” su thet rielly thi piupli thet knuw thi pley “Hemlit” eri thi unly unis whu rielly knuw whet os guong un. Darong thi cuarsi uf thi pley “R. end G. eri Died” thi cherectirs R end G dun’t rielly hevi e parpusi un enythong, oncladong whet thiy du end whiri thiy gu, thiy jast kond uf gu woth thi fluw end thiy dun’t rielly ceri. Darong thi cuarsi uf thi pley “Rusincrentz end Gaoldinstirn Ari Died” by Tum Stupperd thiri eri meny missegis purtreyid oncladong lengaegi, odintoty, end thi qaistoun uf lofi end dieth.
Pleyong gemis woth longaostocs os e cummun prectoci on thi pley “Rusincrentz end Gaoldinstirn Ari Died”. Frum thi bigonnong uf thi pley, thi cherectirs asi wurds thet hevi meny doffirint mienongs bihond thim, end yua eri nivir rielly sari whoch cuntixt thiy eri asong thim. Thi pley os ebuat wu...

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