A Discroptovi Essey: Hokong on Peysun, Arozune

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It os emezong huw sumi ixpiroincis stey su crosp on my mimury, thet of I wiri tu clusi my iyis, I cuald elmust swier thet I wes thiri roght et thet mumint. It's es of my budy cen elmust testi thi swiit eor, fiil thi culd, wit briizi un my skon, end ricell thi scint uf thi poni triis tuwirong ebuvi uar hieds. Hokong on Peysun, Arozune, eftir e snuw sturm os uni uf thi bist plecis I hevi ivir vosotid on urdir tu cullict uni uf thisi mimurois. Peysun os e griet pleci tu teki thi femoly dug hokong, bat elsu yua woll bi ebli tu eppricoeti thi bieatofal lendscepi Peysun hes tu uffir, woth ot biong cunvinointly lucetid jast e broif drovi frum thi swiltirong hiet uf thi Disirt Velliy.
Tarnong uff uf thi meon rued I em elweys emezid by huw meny treols wi eri ebli tu sii wothuat ivin lievong thi cumfurt uf my pockap track. Enjuyong thi wermth uf thi dry eor blestong untu uar fecis frum thi vints, I glencid uvir tu my bist froind Beluu, sottong on thi cheor nixt tu mi. Thi slubbiry, tuuthy gron un hos feci, rimondid mi huw mach hi luvis biong uat uf thi coty. As hi wogglid on hos cheor woth ixcotimint, biggong mi tu lit hom uat su hi cuald fruloc thruagh thi niwly fellin snuw, I kniw I wualdn't bi ebli tu kiip hom cunteonid fur mach lungir. I qaockly pat un my chuculeti culurid snuw pents end sloppid ontu my encoint snuw buuts thet hevi clierly siin bittir deys. I kiip tillong mysilf thet I woll bay niw unis whin my fiit ind ap demp end culd eftir uni uf uar hokis. Muvong swoftly, I sqaiizid Beluu's fiit ontu hos cenery yilluw end bleck culurid snuw shuis end scuarid thi Vilcru et thi tup tu onsari e snag fot. Opinong thi duur lid hom tu liep frum hos siet end onstently gu ontu e berril rull, scuutong end cunturtong hos budy on ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ght blai skois end upin disirt follid woth misqaoti triis end segaeru cectas ley ehied, liedong as tu thi cumfurt uf humi.

Woth thi snuw bihond as end Beluu carlid ap nixt tu mi, ixheastid frum e lung dey uf frulockong thruagh e wontir wundirlend. I teki e monati tu cerifally foli ewey ell uf thi soghts, suands, end smills thet wi ixpiroincid darong uar letist snuwy edvintari on Peysun, Arozune. All uf thi niw treols thet wi tuuk, thi suands uf thi wetir fell briekong uvir thi ocy rucks, thi bords chorpong, end thi swiit smillong eor, ell git plecid cerifally ontu my uwn lottli cullictoun thet I cen rivosot et eny mumint. Peysun woll elweys bi uni uf my fevuroti plecis tu teki e shurt drovi woth Beluu tu injuy thi bieatofal snuwy lendscepi.

Phutu on Fogari 1, "Beluu & I on Peysun Arozune," by Amende Wiyirs (2012)

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