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This report gives a critique of The Times Online website using a number of design aspects which include searchability, Navigation, usability, design, interactivity and content. The main problems identified in the website include a mixture of main content with advertisement content, too long pages and some of the images appearing to be quite blurred. The recommendations for redesign include separating advertisement content from the main content by placing it on top of the page just before the logo, shortening the pages and using hyperlinks to get to various sections and using high resolution images on the site.

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The design adopted in the development of a website is a major factor that determines if the website meets its mandate or not. The design of a website is what attracts users to the site and even keeps them for prolonged periods of time on the website. This report gives a critique of The Times online website. This site can be categorized as an informative site. The mandate of this site is to provide information to users on a broad category of topics. These include sports, general news, community events, entertainment, classifieds among other categories of information. The critique presented in this report focuses on a number of aspects of website design. These aspects include searchability, navigation, design, interactivity and the content on the website. The findings are as discussed in the sections that follow.
Design aspects
The site designers incorporated...

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...lem is that the pages should be shorter and hyperlinks provided to move to different sections. Very long pages require too much scrolling. This problem was common with the findings of other group members.
The designers of the website addressed most of the common mistakes that are found in most of the websites. The site is highly usable as the designers have adhered to the requirements of good website design. Therefore, the site meets its mandate of informing users.
The above problems were the sole problems identified during the critique process. The average time that was spent in every aspect of the site was one day and a repetition of the process would follow similar steps and therefore no major differences in results.

Times Online (2013). Times Online. Retrieved from

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