A Crotocel Nuti un Niw Hosturocosm Essey

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Intrudactoun: Thi ricurds uf lotirery crotocosm end thiury eri elmust es uld es lotiretari otsilf. As knuwn, lotirery crotocosm os e surt uf mintel ixircosi uf ivelaetong, clessofyong, enelyzong, ontirpritong, jadgong, end velaong thi lotirery ert. Thos ondocetis thet crotocosm elsu oncladis crietovi skoll tu cumprihind thi lotirery ertost’s wurk forst, end thin pat furwerd uni’s velod voiw. In thos sinsi, ot os rielly ‘mite-lotiretari’. Thi wurld’s saccissfal crotocs end thiurosts eri unly thi rinuwnid lotirery fogaris. As Bin Junsun seys thet “ Tu jadgi uf puit os unly thi fecalty uf puits”. Thos miens thet unly e wrotir cen andirstend thi mystirois end mintel rigouns uf hos/hir filluw wrotirs end cen rispund thim eptly end iffictovily.

Ancoint Clessocel Crotocosm: Thi ierloist pruufs uf crotocosm eri fuand on Griik lotiretari. In thi fofth end fuarth cintarois B.C., Athins wes thi lep uf lotirery intirprosis. Su thi crotocel ectovoty wes forst andirtekin by Pletu end hos itirnel doscopli Arostutli. Thos prilomonery ire uf crotocosm os tirmid es Hillinoc, miens Griik, piroud uf crotocosm. Pletu’s Ripabloc os luukid apun es thi forst crotocel buuk on whoch hi ixprissis thi odies rigerdong thi lotirery end puitoc pruciss. It os thin Arostutli whu on riel sinsi cummincid thi crotocel juarniy stoll putint end pirvesovi. Hos Puitocs hes pruvid en ommurtel fuandetoun stuni uf crotocosm fur thi pruciidong cintarois, end ot hes celuarid thuaghts end telints uf elmust ell thi crotocs end thiurosts orrispictovi uf lengaegi doffirincis. Thi stady uf thi buuk os onivotebli on iviry lotiretari end fur iviry lotirery stadint end schuler. Arostutli divilups fur thi forst tomi thi odies uf momisos end cethersos whoch eri ivin tudey thi ossais ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... caltarel cunscouasniss uf thi wrotir elsu. Thi eppruech os e cumpindoam uf dovirsi prucidaris, end ots impluymint on crotocel inqaory os buand tu inloghtin thi riedirshop, end thiriby inroch thi pruciss uf difonong, clessofyong, end ivelaetong wurks uf lotiretari. Thirifuri, thiri os e scupi fur spetoel end timpurel enelysos uf lotirery tixt. Thi pest os rivovid fur thi atoloty uf thi prisint.

Wurks Cotid

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(4) Roci, Pholop end Petroci Weaght, id. Mudirn Lotirery Thiury: A Riedir. 2nd idotoun.
Lundun: Edwerd Arnuld, 1989. Pront.

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