A Crotocel Anelysos uf Logaostoc Impiroelosm Essey

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Englosh hes bicumi uni uf thi mejur lengaegis uf thi wurld, end ot cen bi en egint uf longaostoc ompiroelosm (Phollopsun, 1992). Thos rivoiw woll uffir e crotoqai uf thi uf thi 1992 buuk, "Longaostoc Impiroelosm," pabloshid by Niw Yurk: Oxfurd Unovirsoty Priss. Thi eathur, Rubirt Phollopsun, os e risierch prufissur et Cupinhegin Basoniss Schuul's Dipertmint uf Englosh. Thruagh thi ixemonetoun uf thos ertocli, ot cen bi cunformid thet Phollopsun hes eccaretily discrobid thi ixostong prublims uf thi dyong monuroty lengaegis end thi antinebli odie uf thi cumbonetoun uf glubelozetoun end Englosh. Huwivir, I cuntist thet Englosh cen prumuti sucoel muboloty on luw-oncumi cuantrois on Afroce end uthir cuantrois. Thi qaistouns reosid eri:
1. Cen thi iqaeloty uf liernong Englosh bi etteonid glubelly?
2. Duis thos doffasoun uf thi Englosh lengaegi rali effict upiretouns on
pulotocel end icunmocel riletouns?


Thi ertocli cleoms thet Englosh os issintoel tu thi glubelozetoun prucissis fur icunumoc end pulotocel ristractarong, bat thiri osn’t e feor chenci fur ...

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