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The most formidable aspect in real estate has to be maintaining one’s career. Although there are many agents in this career field, the competitive environment portrayed daily makes this career one that may prove to be unsuitable for the meek. Negotiations, persuasion, debate and often a frequent contest for supremacy in the agency are recurring tasks when trying to sell property to clients. One could think of this as similar to the board game “Monopoly”, in reverse. Rather than trying to own all the property around, these “players” attempt to sell as much land as they possibly can. Those who fail to recruit an adequate amount of clients find it hard making it “past go” and often fail in the agency or, much worse, lose their jobs. Prospective agents should spend a great deal of time enhancing their communication skills either by taking classes in public speaking or perhaps even joining a debate team. Such laborious duties make it apparent s that being a successful real estate agent is for more difficult than it seems.

Real Estate Agents
“There’s no place like home.” Today’s society entails a very complex and tiresome environment that often leaves the average person worn out and drained. Many would say that the best part of their evening is arriving at home and being able to relax in their warm, inviting households. Finally being able to “get off one’s feet” and enjoy that feeling of relaxation that reminds them, “There’s no place like home”. But what makes a house a home? Is it the location, and how close it is to the local market? Perhaps it’s the marble tiling and wood countertops in the kitchen. Or, maybe it’s the size of the bedrooms and dining rooms finely furnished and decorated to the heart’s content. While all of the...

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